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👍 57 | 2024.02.25

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About the most vexing feature removal for me in Windows 11 is the ability to put the taskbar down the side, especially, given that the new taskbar is enormous and takes up a great deal of vertical space.
Hacking the Windows registry to get the taskbar down the side, as commonly suggested, doesn't seem to work, but there are alternatives.

I put on ExplorerPatcher and it seems to work for me.
In fact, it makes the whole thing easier to use, since the "(lack of) Control Centre" in Windows 11 makes some things harder to do, and ExplorerPatcher gives you the Windows 10 taskbar behaviour and appearance back.
You can also make the taskbar icons and buttons smaller again, a la Windows 10, which is helpful for multi-tasking.

Another avenue might be to use StarDock Start11, which looks very impressive, but ExplorerPatcher has been sufficient for me so far.

Windows 11 still feels like a beta product and Microsoft has given me no wins since Windows 10 Mobile, which was nearly 10 years ago.


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