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v0.84h - 05

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v0.84h - 04

Working on end-of-game reactor/escape sequence ...
 - Reactor shutdown logic improved
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Gary Cass X-Bomber 3D Print - Updated 4

Thanks to Dan Hitchin, we have 28 new images of the 85cm X-Bomber kit, done by Gary.
I understand that this model is going to be for sale over on Etsy.
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Retro Tech

For a while now, I was getting disillusioned with the current array of mainstream handheld computing OSes.
I started to want a handheld computer that didn't rely on touchscreen keyboard input.
I've often missed having a handheld device with a qwerty keypad since I traded in my Xperia X1 in 2010.

Equally, with Windows Mobile 10, the Office apps won't create or modify documents without an Office 365 subscription, which seems pointless for an OS that is no longer supported.

I got thinking back to my Palm Tungsten, which died of accidental damage.  It was amazing and I took it everywhere.  A lot of work for X-Bomber got done on it while travelling.

I wanted something that would organise the tasks for X-Bomber, and Palm OS was the best thing I ever used for that.

I went looking for a Palm Treo. Most run Palm OS and all have qwerty keypads. 
In the end, I found a 755p, new in its box with all the accessories.
With it being a CDMA phone, it won't work to make calls or access data in the UK, but, with no space taken up with a SIM card slot and mini SD, rather than full-size SD, this model has a bigger battery than most at 1600mAh.
With no cellular radio or Bluetooth running, even under regular use, it almost never needs charging.

I'm having a whale of a time using it and putting all kinds of apps on it.
It's helping me stay focussed on getting back to working on X-Bomber.
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v0.84h - 03

- Menu map finished
- Enemy beam weapon effects improved

Aside from that, I'm working on a big clean-up of the game's documentation, as well as all my text files about the game.
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UNBOX Vinyl Dai-X Makeover

I like how Dan Ross painted and weathered his UNBOX vinyl Dai-X.
I did often think about taking a gundam marker to mine and doing the panel lines to make it a bit more realistic, but I think its bright, toy-like nature gives it a lot of charm.
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v0.84h - 02

L16 boss is shaping up ...
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Gary Cass X-Bomber 3D Print - Updated 3

Dan H has passed on lots more images of Gary's finished X-Bomber ship (for which, many thanks), which'll be printed at 65cm.
There are also pictures of Mainbody, which will be embedded into the X-Bomber.

I really like 'Star Fleet: Next Generation' refinements to the look of the ship.
The ship has a revised mechanism for the neck lift and a more streamlined nose. 

I'm very much looking forward to seeing how the ship looks with the neck raised and the laser cannons extended.
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Wonder Festival 2022

There are quite a lot of photos on twitter from the recent Wonder Festival in Japan, showing a 3D-printed X-Bomber.
From the number of users posting images, it looks to triggered some fond memories of the show among a lot of people there.
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Unbox Industries Sofubi Dai-X

I finally uploaded my photos of the soft vinyl Dai-X.
Click the banner above for more.

There's been a lot of tidying up done on the website.  
 - All dev notes from news updates have been tidied into the version history notes for the respective versions.
 - All non-Star Fleet sketchbook updates have been condensed into the Other > Sketchbook section.

Meanwhile, the commenting extension to the site's news subsystem has been restored and upgraded in order to make the site a bit more interactive.
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