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Welcome to the home of X-Bomber the Game: a vertical-scrolling spaceshooter for Windows, based on the Japanese sci-fi TV series: Star Fleet

It features lots of arcade action, weapons and explosions.

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BladeZ Fan Work Section Expanded

Folder preview

I was hunting for something else, Star Fleet related, to complete a little job that I'm working on, when I found some additional material from BladeZ, of his remastering work on Star Fleet that wasn't featured on the site.
I know that a *lot* of work went into the project before 'generative AI' came along and tried to do it all for us.

Albeit, not in HD, they still look nice.

Better for it to be on the site for people to take a look at, than sitting on a disk in my computer,
You can see from the timestamps on the page what's been added yesterday.

Take a look at the download section which features a new ZIP archive of 25 (5 added) WMVs that aren't playable directly on the site.

A good deal of duplication has been removed from that section as well, which has slightly reduced the footprint of the site, and will hopefully make our hosts (and their NVMe arrays) happier.

In other news, I dared to try to make the forum registration process a little more streamlined by removing the security question, to see whether email-based verification was sufficient by itself.
There were quite a few span sign-ups in less than 24hrs and the change has been reverted.
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This all may not come as news to many of our visitors, but I located this page, still located on the Network Distributing website, some time ago:
The rest of the website, is defunct, as the company went into administration last year.

I didn't imagine that the Supercolorisation blu-rays would ever be released on that basis, but I see that there are reviews for it from early last year on the Gerry Anderson store.

I think that the set must have been released and it then ceased to be available, because I didn't see it on there (or anywhere) for sale, when I discovered the Network Distributing page several months ago by accident.
In any event, the blu-ray set is available again now from a range of places.
I stuck in an order for mine from Rarewaves who have given me good service in the past and had it listed for a lot cheaper.

I'm keen to have more colour screengrabs of Fireball XL5, and if we get 2 further colourised episodes, that'll mean an increase of 200%.
This might be the reason why we're seeing these discs for sale again:
Network titles live on, thanks to Spirit Entertainment - Fanderson
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SFXB Theme Continued ...

OK, so I relented on the purple-ish colour (although it looked nice) and changed the theme colour to one based on the original SFXB Forum PHPBB theme.
I also turned off the colour blend in the theme's control panel and gave it my own one in Photoshop.
I like it quite a bit now.
I think I might give it a week or two and set this to the default theme and tidy up some of the older ones.
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Nippon Shock Magazine 17

Folder preview

As you can see, this is an Italian publication about Japanese entertainment, which has recently been released:
	h-kazu on nitter
There doesn't seem to be a huge amount given over to Star Fleet in the publication, but I think I'll see about getting it to see if there's anything else:
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Purple Milk

I felt for a while that the available free styles for PHPBB tend not to show the software in its best possible light.  
I slapped on something from PlanetStyles, which was very reasonable, considering how big a step forward it is.
You can configure a lot about it just by clicking around, rather than having to mess on endlessly, tweaking values in stylesheets.

I haven't set this as default away from Prolight until I get some user feedback, but you can select it under the user control panel in the forum.
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Tony Leach - PPA Update

Tony Leach has a new update about his PPA replica, which is coming along real nicely.

The SFXB forum has been patched up to the latest release.
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Unbox Blind-box Dai-X

Well, that seller on yahoo Japan auctions might've tried to stiff me out of my blind-box Dai-X by deleting the auction, but I managed to find another on ebay: this time in New Jersey.
The .co.uk ebay portal doesn't always show items from the US, even when it is showing international items, but the .com portal does.

This way, my one with the yellow mask (which seems to be rarer now) has a buddy.

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TNT - Dai-X

I found an ebay seller called TNT, which was essentially an online toy and art store.
This painting was done by them, based on the recent Moderoid model kit:

Sadly, ebay only provided it as a webp format image.
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Showa Sketchbook Blue 1 Re-done

When I put the new sketchbook into storage and compared it with my older ones, I noticed that the scan from 2017 of the first big sketchbook that I got, wasn't the right aspect ratio and that the top and bottom had been trimmed.
I re-scanned it with four passes and ran a photomerge so that you get the whole image.

The filesize of the original one is quite a bit higher, despite it being a smaller image.
The new scans are saved at the same quality level (10) that the original one would have been, so I take the difference in filesize to be down to a better compression algorithm in the newer photoshop.
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Showa Sketchbook Blue 2

I finally got around to scanning the sketchbook that I got months ago.
Its dimensions are exactly the same as the first blue one that I found in 2017.

The cover image on this second one might not be quite as exciting.
They both have a similar theme: X-Bomber flying towards the camera and the Dai-X behind it on the right.
The first one has quite a few cast members shown at the lower-left (including General Kyle, but oddly not Dr Benn).
In the second one, we have only Shiro, manning one of the turret guns.

I've uploaded a number of scan variants to the Showa Sketchbooks folder.
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