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Welcome to the home of X-Bomber the Game: a vertical-scrolling spaceshooter for Windows, based on the Japanese sci-fi TV series: Star Fleet

It features lots of arcade action, weapons and explosions.

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Simanto50100 Moderoid Dai-X Build

Folder preview

I found this project of building and painting a Moderoid Dai-X model on nitter.
These photos illustrate the long series of steps involved.  They also show the flourescent yellow paint that was used for the eyes.
It gives it a green glow in the photographs.  I think I might even prefer that to the yellow.  Perhaps they upgrade the sensors/lasers in the eyes after the events of the show.
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SupaSupa - Lamia

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Piroaki7 - Lamia

Nice new image that I found on twitter of Lamia, the way the face is drawn captures the character well - would be great to see a colourised version.
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Cute Star Fleet Bento Box

Folder preview

I'd not seen this item before until now.
It's a small snack box/tin produced (I think) by Showa.
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Bumper Update

I was sent a huge number of great images from Dan at SFFB over the past few weeks...
I understand that Gary Cass has started producing X-Bomber 3D prints that are colour-3D-printed:
	Gary Cass - More Projects
At the same time, I have some great images of cpltony16's PPA model.
I also received some detailed and interesting images of Andrea Mazzuzi's and CJ Jones' Dai-X model builds.

Matsukami too is working on a 3D X-Bomber model.  Take a look on the forum for more.

I spotted that a number of further Star Fleet-related paintings had been done by eBay user greggsinnit.
The Shiro one is really good, but the Dai-X is still the best to my mind.

Lastly, I noticed last month that there was an odd behaviour with the site, where the server seemed to be interrupting the SLIR image processing, and gallery pages with 100+ images were only loading about half of them.
This behaviour now seems to be fixed.
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X-Bomber Encyclopaedia

I located a copy of the X Bomber Encyclopaedia, for sale on From Japan.
The cover is substantially faded but the contents look to be in good condition:
	X Bomber Super Encyclopedia | From Japan

Be aware that we have a downloadable copy on the site, kindly provided, some time ago, by a forum regular:
	X Bomber Encyclopedia
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Dai-X Painting

I really like this painting but I already have a nice illustration of Dai-X in my office:
	Dai X; Star Fleet (X Bomber) - Original Acrylic Painting On Deep Edged Canvas | eBay
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News Update

We had a fun Star Fleet Teams this time around, late in February.
Since Chat/Teams is built into Windows 11 and Microsoft seems to want to effectively replace Skype with it, I thought I would try and use that, and it worked quite well.
We had quite good discussion about all sorts of things.
Thanks to all who joined!

Off the back of that, I have added the link to Andy Thomas' youtube channel to the links page:
	Excelsior's Domain - YouTube
If you like Babylon 5, you'll have a good time there.

We have a great thread going on the forum about Tony's reconstruction of PPA.
There are a lot of really nice images uploaded there:
	Screen Accurate Large Scale PPA
I look forward to that hopefully getting updated further.
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New Showa Sketchbook

I'm pretty sure I've not seen this one before.
Anyway, it's now headed to the FROM JAPAN warehouse.
Once it gets to me, I'll scan it and you can have a better look at the cover illustration.

Update: This item has arrived. I'll scan the cover to get a better image of the illustration.
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Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Intro (25th Anniversary Edition) - JTVFX

Someone had the great idea of re-creating, in high definition, the introductory video to the Interplay game: Star Fleet Academy, which is maybe the greatest Star Trek game ever done.
Take a look here:
	Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Intro (25th Anniversary Edition) - JTVFX

PS: I don't embed youtube videos into the site any longer.
The last time when I did that, Brave reported that the site was loading tracking cookies, which it is not supposed to do.
When I looked at it further, they were all google analytics cookies from youtube.
That's fine, if they want to do that sort of thing over there, but we're not doing it here.
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