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👍 21 | 2023.11.10

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As a little side-project to X-Bomber the Game, I am adding some creatures into the game which will spawn very occasionally in level 3 and trundle and hover around a bit and add a bit of variety to the environment.

Since that level already has a secondary objective to destroy all the deathballs on the planet, as well as the shield generators for the base, I think I'll make it so that the creatures are harmless and will just cost you some points if you happen to destroy them.

I'd wanted to do this for a long time and I was having a look around my documents folder and came across a very old game (last modified in 1999) that I wrote which was an 8-direction, non-scrolling shooter that was various little test-tube bugs fighting in a terrarium.

The game is a bit primitive to release by itself but I am improving the sprites so that  they can see the light of day as friendlier Starship Troopers-style aliens on Simetra VI.


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