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👍 34 | 2023.10.18

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I chucked some pictures of the Eaglemoss Daedalus battleship-carrier from Stargate Atlantis (which is my favourite Stargate series) in the cool stuff folder.
Eaglemoss went under a little while ago but a lot of unsold stock is getting sold over the Master Replicas website.
Daedalus had a short first run and to get one of those will cost you some money on ebay, but MR have some stock of the second run and these go for a great deal less.
I was surprised that it is a fair bit smaller than the Vipers that Eaglemoss did for Battlestar Galactica.
In any case, it's level of detail is very high - maybe more-so than the Vipers.
The hazard stripe pattern around the missile launchers near the front and the numbered fighter launch doors on the bottom of the hangar pods really set it off.
Daedalus was a banging ship that expanded the possibilities of the show in the same way as the Defiant did in Star Trek DS9.  It was one of the only ships in Stargate that looked "right" and it had good weapons coverage with a diversified weapons system.


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