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👍 79 | 2023.02.28

« Good Smile Company Dai-X - Updated

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New photos are available on twitter of the Good Smile model company's Dai-X.
This company has a very descriptive name: these pictures do look good and they did make me smile.

It looks a little bit sharper and more accurate in some ways than the 2014 Evolution Toys Dai-X.
All the guns and launchers are really sharply moulded.
It has a lot of articulation and the way that LegTrax transforms is very interesting.
I see that this item is available for pre-order from Hobbylink:
It's a model that requires assembly, but not painting as the parts are already moulded in the right colour.
The cost is rather less than the Evolution Dai-X.

I also located a photo of the finished model on display, which looks really good, rather than a stock marketing photo.
This has been added to the media folder.


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