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👍 86 | 2022.08.07

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For a while, I've been disillusioned with the current mainstream handheld computing OSes.
I started to want a handheld with a keyboard, which I've often missed since I traded in my Xperia X1 in 2010.

Equally, with Windows Mobile 10, the Office apps won't create or modify documents without an Office 365 subscription, which seems pointless for an OS that is no longer supported.

I got thinking back to my Palm Tungsten, which died of accidental damage.  It was great and I took it everywhere.  A lot of work for X-Bomber got done on it while travelling.

I wanted something that would organise my tasks for X-Bomber, and Palm OS was the best thing I ever used for that.

I went looking for a Palm Treo. Most run Palm OS and all have keyboards. 
In the end, I found a 755p, new in its box with all the accessories.
With it being a CDMA phone, it won't make calls or access data in the UK, but, with no space taken up with a SIM card slot and mini SD, rather than full-size SD, this model has a bigger battery than most at 1600mAh.
With no cellular radio or Bluetooth running, even under regular use, it almost never needs charging.

I'm having a whale of a time using it and putting all kinds of apps on it.
It's helping me stay focussed on getting back to working on X-Bomber.


Crash 2022.08.12 | 14:53

Surprising how difficult it was to find a mini SD card these days,
Threw some music onto it,
This was the 3rd track that the handheld decided to play.
Screen name Human? Type "yes".

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