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Summer of Star Fleet

Things have been quiet on the Star Fleet front of late.
There hasn't been much to write updates on.

I am going to open a little ... not a competition, but a collaboration ...
I don't want there to be a "winner" and a "prize" because I don't think that's helpful.

This is going to be Summer of Star Fleet.
It will be a (very) little incentive for people to submit fan artwork, stories, whatever you want relating to Star Fleet.

It is open from 21st June until 22nd September.

I would like to invite all Star Fleet fans to email (new) Star Fleet fan material between those dates and, (while my small stock lasts) I will send you one of my new and perfected Simetra Directorate mugs, which are little link to X-Bomber the Game.
They are all gift-boxed and full of jelly beans.

Please let me know any questions: either in the comments or by email, and I will expand this little write-up accordingly.
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ZeroXenon777 - Dai-X

Just as I was complaining about a serious failure in the fan artwork supply, here we are.
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Stingray Blu-Ray Screengrabs 2

Folder preview

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I re-jigged my sketch of Marina in the sketchbook and released a few extra versions.
She was a great character - super mysterious.
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Stingray Blu-Ray Screengrabs

Folder preview

I ran screenshot capture on the first of the four Stingray Blu-rays.
The picture on these discs is brilliant.
I love this show.
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Star Fleet Project Re-release

Dan at the Star Fleet facebook group was kind enough to let me know about the re-release of the Brian May cover of the Star Fleet theme.
I see that it's being released on CD as well as vinyl ...

Rather than going on about it, I refer you to Ben Page's XBlogger substack, where he already has a great write-up about the topic:
	Brian May's Star Fleet Project

I see as well that the official Queen store has some good-looking Star Fleet items.
I, myself, am allergic to pre-orders, but when they become available I can see myself placing a little order.
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Stingray Blu-Ray

I got the baseline Stingray Blu-Ray set today.
Rather than putting down £80 on the deluxe version, you can get the basic one for about £40 if you shop around.
All it has is the 4x discs themselves and the case.
There seems not to be much in the way of on-disc extras, but other than the show itself, what do you need?

I read as well though that Network: the company that released the Blu-Rays, has gone into administration.
I guess we can't have nice things.
It's lucky that we got Stingray out of them before the lights went out.
I see that their website looks to have disappeared in the last week or so.

Anyway, I'm watching episode 4: Hostages of the Deep now.  The show looks great.
Our 2-year old daughter was captivated by it.

On paper, Thunderbirds is probably the best Supermationation show, empirically, but Stingray is the one I love the most.
The whole adventuring at sea with the cosy and awesome-looking supersub is a great formula.
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