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Gary Cass X-Bomber 3D Print

52 0  › Start a forum discussion. 2022.07.06 

Ruby - Re-coloured

55 0  › Start a forum discussion. 2022.07.04 

Kazami Ryoma Fan Art

We have two really good new images of Shiro and Lamia, added to Star Fleet > Fan Artwork, ostensibly from one of twitter's non-bot users: Kazami_Ryoma.
58 0  › Start a forum discussion. 2022.07.01 

Dan Ross - X-Bomber 3D Print

My friend: Dan Hitchin, who looks after the Star Fleet group on Facebook, passed me this info a little while back...

Thanks very much for that, and congratulations to Dan Ross who upgraded a model available on Thingiverse and added a good deal of further detail to it.

Check out the images under Star Fleet > Fan Models.
77 0  › Start a forum discussion. 2022.06.29 

Further Site Updates

The SFXB forum's PHPBB software has been updated to the latest 3.3.7 version and links back to SFXB and here have been added to the top of its Prolight template.
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Space Precinct

I'm currently indulging a guilty pleasure watching Space Precinct, which is a great show.
The special effects and model work have held up really well and the show has a completely unique look and feel.
It's pretty funny too with a good script and the actors have good chemistry.

Demeter City, where the show is set, is one of those fictional places that you'd love to visit, to see it for yourself: just not for very long.

Here's a site about the making of it that I found a long while ago.  Check out the image gallery, which focusses quite a bit on the model work:
    Space Precinct
263 0  › Start a forum discussion. 2022.06.23 

SFXB Forum Contact Page

The SFXB Forum contact form was attracting quite a large number of unsolicited emails.
The point of it is that it has to work without a user logging in, in case they have trouble registering an account.
At the same time though, it doesn't have any captcha mechanism or similar that you can make it use, so I turned it off.

Don't hesitate to use the site's contact page if you need anything, or if you have any additions for the site.
292 0  › Start a forum discussion. 2022.06.20 

Brad's Dai-X

332 0  › Start a forum discussion. 2022.06.02 

New Showa Scans

There are also new cover scans for:
	Showa > Colouring Book 1
	Showa > Colouring Book 2
365 0  › Start a forum discussion. 2022.05.28 

Menu Map

In the game, there has been for some time, an 'overview map', showing all the various solar systems in which the game takes place, but there is no way of accessing it in the compiled releases.
This is because it wasn't finished to the point where I was pleased enough to show it off.

Equally, it would've meant adding and re-arranging menu options, in order to access it, and it was hard to see how to shoe-horn it into the flow of the game's briefings and levels.

Now that the briefing screen's 'intra-solar system' map works in principle, I figured that the simplest, most streamlined thing is to make a scaled-down version of the overview map for the mission select menu screen.
That menu will still show the auto-generated thumbnail of the level itself, when the mission selector matrix is highlighted, but before that, when you click "Start", it will give you this little overview.
The white brackets (which need some embellishment) move to the corresponding solar system as you cycle through the levels.

Looking back, I guess the hidden map was at least the start of an earlier attempt at what's just been put into the mission briefing screen in the last version.

So ... not finished, but I wanted to show that I hadn't just released 0.84g and decided to stop for another while.
397 0  › Start a forum discussion. 2022.05.21 

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