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X-Bomber v0.84j

Re-adding the X-Bomber Original player ship, which is closer in some ways to the one in the show ...
 - Pulse-fire neck lasers with additional sound effect kindly provided by BladeZ

 - Clickteam Fusion runtime updated from 293.10 to 295.10
 - Glitch with X-Bomber pulse guns in L6-10 fixed
 - FG hologram effects getting further improved in L6 ...
 - Player searchlights (for night mode etc.) implemented
 - X-Bomber crew no longer chatter when playing as The Skull
 - 'Points of interest' objects improved
 - L16 reactor beam weapons fixed

Mission Briefings
 - Solar system map generates faster
 - Interesting glitch with map labelling fixed
 - Adding further DVD screengrab images to mission briefings ...

Main Menu
 - Ship selector in main menu displays images of player ships
 - Main menu mini-map looks a bit more map-like

 - Re-work quantum blaster unselected/beam mode
 - Fortress reactor core sprite to resemble death planetoid
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Folder preview

I spotted this nice illustration over nitter...
I like the 'anime-isation' of the characters and appearance of the Dai-X, and it was interesting to see the stages that the artist went through in creating the image.
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OK So, Not a Star Fleet Update ...

... but here's a cool thing, by Bernard Chan, for any Macross enjoyers:
	ArtStation - YF-35 KUSANAGI
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Had a little play with Gabby AI

Gab's AI image generator had a big upgrade over Christmas.
I asked it to come up with an image of the character: Rain from X-Bomber the Game.
I've tried a good few AI engines to try and get a good representation of what I had in mind, without it taking me days to illustrate it myself (I am not good at character drawing), but this has done the best job so far.
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720p Upscale with Japanese Audio/Subs

Our new forum user: Spoutnik has delivered an ingenious upgrade to dym2005's 720p AI Star Fleet upscale...

This version adds the Japanese audio from the US standard definition blu-rays, as well as the subtitles, for use with it, making it even more useful.

Please drop in on the forum thread to say hello.
Here's the direct link to the files at megaupload.
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Dan Dare 'Missing' Episodes

Well, anyone knows that I like the 2002 TV series: Dan Dare - Pilot of the Future, maybe more than the comics themselves...

Out of the 13 x 2-part stories, only 6 made it to DVD, however, thanks to home taping, which is apparently killing music, the remaining 7 2-parters are available on YouTube:
	NWK - YouTube

The quality is what you'd expect and you get to see the whole series in its entirety.
I recommend hoovering up the DVD set on eBay, to see what the series looks like in DVD quality.
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New U1timate Image for Christmas

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Interesting Topical Find

Folder preview

Courtesy of PhantomNald, these scans originate from the Italian Christmas comic book story, in which Trider G7 goes to Bethlehem and acts as the shooting star that leads Joseph and Mary to safety.

The images below are described as follows:

  • Trider G7 becomes the shooting star that leads Mary and Joseph to safety.
  • Goshogun and RX-78-2 Gundam making fireworks to celebrate the birth of baby Jesus
  • Tokusatsu mecha Dai-X warms up Mary and Joseph
  • The Starzinger cyborgs bring gifts to baby Jesus
  • Entire last page (Dai-X upper-right)
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Merry Christmas

For what might be the last update for the year,
I tweaked the high score system so that it only displays records for the last year.
There were scores from ages ago when X-Bomber was a different game and it didn't make sense to display scores from that long ago alongside the new ones.

I will get X-Bomber v0.84j to upload additional info such as version, difficulty and level(s) played.
I had wanted to get 84j released before Christmas but so many things have popped up that it won't be possible.
I'll aim instead to get it released early next year.

There seems to be a great deal of upheaval with our hosting company.  We will see how we manage to weather that in the new year when our renewal arrives in February.
I'll detail a bit more about this on the SFXB forum.

In the meantime, I wish everyone a merry, peaceful and wonderful Christmas and all the best for 2024.
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Interesting Model of Lamia

Not much in way of updates lately: Star Fleet seems to have been quiet, while RL has been busy.
I found an image of a lovely model of Lamia, which (from what I can tell) was made by the twitter user that posted it.
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