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X-Project Player Ships

The X-Project was designed by Professor Hagan, prior to his disappearance, and built by the EDF in an underground hangar on the Moon under the supervision of Dr Benn.

The project was intended to maintain peace in Earth's Solar System and consists of the X-Bomber space battlecruiser, which serves as a mothership for the three Dai-X fighters, BrainCom, MainBody and Legtrax. These three fighters transform and combine into the Big Dai-X giant robot.

You can choose to fly X-Bomber, the Dai-X or any of the three Dai-X fighters at any time in any of the game's levels.

If either X-Bomber or Dai-X are destroyed, the mission fails, however if one of the Dai-X fighters are destroyed, the two remaining fighters return to X-Bomber automatically and you can continue the fight using X-Bomber.

The lost fighter is slowly reconstructed inside X-Bomber's hangar.
Once all three fighters are ready, they can then be launched again.


X-Bomber is a 260-metre-long prototype space battleship, which was launched unfinished in 2999 to fight the Imperial Alliance. It is a fast and powerful carrier ship for the three Dai-X Fighters, transporting them over long distances and re-arming them after missions.

Its shields can withstand a good deal of weapons fire. A quantum reactor powers a devastating array of energy weapons.

X-Bomber is the toughest and best-armed ship in the game, making it a well balanced ship for new players. It is, however, not the fastest ship available.
Shields 625
Armour 400
Performance 50 km/s
Weapons Energy 2,500
Crew Shiro Hagan
Barry Hercules
John Lee

Primary Weapons

Press Select 1 and 2 (Shift and Ctrl, by default) to cycle forwards and backwards, respectively, through X-Bomber's primary weapons:

2 x 120TW pulse laser cannons
 - Destroy most soft targets in one shot
 - Low power consumption
1 x 150TW laser torpedo turret and 170TW heavy pulse laser turret 
 - Track target automatically,
3 x 100TW dual point-defence turrets
 - Tracks up to three targets automatically
4 x 100TW laser torpedo launchers
 - Fire a fast stream of electromagnetic napalm from each wing-tip
 - Has a wide fire path and creates a lot of damage.
2 x 250TW high-energy main lasers 
 - Mounted in the ship's neck, inflict substantial damage but consume energy rapidly
 - Power transfer from shields may be required for sustained fire.
 - Recommended for fast disposal of dangerous enemies
Special Weapon

Secondary Weapon

1 x augmentative X-Impulse system , (Full), (Super)
The X-Impulse was originally a single-use weapon, requiring a substantial recharge period between shots and draining X-Bomber's power down to 10% when fired. The X-Impulse system has been improved so that - collecting a single X-Impulse power-up allows you to fire a reduced power 500TW blast. - 3 X-Impulse power-ups combine to fire a full-intensity 750 TW blast. Energy for 3 full-intensity blasts can be stored. - 10 power-ups combine to fire a 2250 TW Super X-Impulse.

Auto Weapon

2 x rear-firing lasers
- Fire automatically when target detected behind ship and weapons energy 20% or above

Dai-X Fighters

X-Bomber carries three advanced astrofighters:
BrainCom is small, fast interceptor. It is effective against large numbers of smaller targets but cannot withstand a great deal of damage.
MainBody is a large, powerful fighter-bomber. It is effective at destroying larger targets including capital ships but is relatively unmaneuverable. It can, however, withstand a fair amount of damage.
LegTrax is a versatile, balanced and highly-dependable assault ship. In Star Fleet, it can transform into a tracked ground fighting vehicle.

When flying X-Bomber, press and hold Select 1 (default Shift) for 1 second to launch the Dai-X Fighters. At this point, X-Bomber flies off-screen while the Dai-X fighters remain.
You can press Select 1 to cycle through fighters and select which one to fly.

The two fighters that are not selected are controlled by the game's AI. They fly in formation with you and support you by attacking the enemy. They cannot be damaged by the enemy, cannot consume any of your power-ups and repair themselves slowly; ready for later use.

BrainCom MainBody LegTrax
BrainCom MainBody LegTrax
Performance: 70 60 65
Shields: 133 200 167
Armour: 100 200 175
Weapons Energy: 667 667 667
Pilot: Shiro Hagan Barry Hercules John Lee

Primary Weapons

Each Dai-X Fighter has the following primary weapons plus its own special weapon:

  • 1 x Rapid-fire pulse gun:
    - Destroys many soft targets in one shot and consumes very little energy
    - Fires at the same time as Special Weapon
    - Upgrades to fire yellow and red shots at higher rates and velocities in Chapters 2 and 3
  • 2 x Plasma missile launchers
    - With 10 rounds each
    - Fire when Megabombs full and another Megabomb power-up is collected
  • Special Weapon

Secondary Weapons

BrainCom - 4 x High-explosive cluster bombs:
- 4 bombs, with 8 submunitions each, carried on external hardpoints - Released in pairs.

MainBody - 2 x High-energy beam cannons:
- Sufficient energy for 4x 2-second blasts can be stored.

LegTrax - 1 x Graviton blaster:
- 80-round magazine

13. Dai-X

The three Dai-X Fighters transform and combine to form the Dai-X; a 70-metre-tall robot that can fly and operate in space or within a planet's atmosphere.

The Dai-X is well-balanced. It is equipped with a range of powerful weapons, is relatively agile and can withstand a substantial amount of damage.

To assemble Dai-X, launch the Dai-X Fighters by pressing [Tab]. Press [Tab] again to start the docking sequence then move your fighter to the middle of the screen to dock with the othero.

To return to X-Bomber, press [Tab] once more. The Dai-X Fighters detach from eachother, the X-Bomber flies onto the screen and the three fighters dock with it.

Shields: 500 Armour: 400
Performance: 60 km/s Weapons Energy: 2000

Primary Weapons

Press Select 1 (Shift) to cycle through Dai-X's primary weapons.

  1. 2 x Rapid-fire pulse guns
    - Mounted on right wrist
    - Destroys many soft targets in one shot and consumes very little energy
    - Upgrades to fire yellow and red shots at high rates and velocities in Chapters 2 and 3
  2. 2 x High-energy main lasers
    - Head-mounted
  3. Special Weapon System interlink

Secondary Weapons

Press Select 2 (Ctrl) to cycle through Dai-X's secondary weapons.

Tactical thermonuclear missiles 400
- Mounted on left arm, up to 4 missiles can be stored.
X-Tracer system
- Smaller X-Impulse equivalent, draws 25% weapons energy to fire.
2 x 8-cell missile launchers [160mm | 640 | x2]
- Mounted in chest compartment, effective only at close-range, sufficent ammunition for 40 reloads can be stored

Auto Weapons

Rear-firing rapid-Fire pulse Gun > >
- Mounted on right foot, fires automatically when enemy detected behind vehicle
2 x 40mm Vulcan rotary cannon
- Head-mounted


Screen name Human? Type "yes".


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