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Release date 2011.06.10 Download
File name xb2-080.zip
File size 93.8 MB

Mission 14: The Last Stand - Complete with Boss and Mission 16 Preview, including ...
- Death-X - Remote Weapons Type Boss 04.30
- Imperial fortress exterior defences 02.13

F-01 System Prototype - Mission 14-only 04.30

Aggressive Optimisation:
- New Particle, Dust, Fire, Smoke/vapour trail systems 04.30
- Star Field unified to a single object 02.16
- Napalm damage effect supports enemies centred on action point

Napalm Cannon 02.15 and M10 Boss improved 02.16

Dai-X Special Weapon: DRAGOON Pack - logic improved 04.15

Laser and bullet re-spriting:
- WingBlade wing machine guns, GunBoy homing lasers re-sprited
- Buster Cannon and Booster Pack adjusted and improved
- New weapons impact particles; especially for Booster/THOR. 04.15
- Smooth blending for beam-weapon segments
- Laser sights colour-coded to friend/foe (green/red) and improved 02.15
- Bullet collision animations improved

Updated Soundtrack, Sound-panning fixed.

Enemies and Assets Unified and Improved: - Cargo Train 03.20
- Alliance Astrofighters and Dynamic Carriers 03.02
- Power-Ups, Asteroids, Drones, many ground vehicles 04.30
- Craters, Clouds, Planetary Missions, Enemy weapons 04.06

- Level Reset and Mission Complete glitches
- smoke glitch at window corner 02.16
- Ally missiles no longer seek enemies when none present
- Enemy-destruct event ordering 02.16

User Interface
- Gold Lucida Console replaces yellow Verdana 04.06
- New HUD/Instruments 04.05
- High Score Menu can upload previously-saved scores 03.02
- New Display Options: particle trail length, v-sync, full-screen toggle 03.21


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