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Very Big Defence Directorate Background

A little project eventually finished,
57 0 comments  › Start a forum discussion. 2023.04.06 

In Case People Wondered ...

Folder preview

... I am working on it.
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Twitter user: gavanhero, has made some great little figures of the bridge crew, roughly to scale with the Blitzkreig Dai-X.
I love how shiny they are.
67 4 comments  › Start a forum discussion. 2023.03.22 

Unusual Behaviour

The site was receiving a vastly-greater-than-normal number of requests, aimed at the SFXB forum.
That was leading to elevated CPU usage on the server, causing the site to run slowly.

The SFXB forum has a database connection limit of 30 simultaneous sessions, which this activity was saturating.
As such, the forum was only accessible intermittently.

These requests originated from a vast range of IPs originating mostly in Virginia and also in California, all belonging to amazon data services and were all from the same unusual user agent, which has now been blocked.
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Fan Artwork From ZeMiaL

Been a bit short on fan artwork lately, not for want of keeping an eye out for it...
Great composition, very nice likeness of Shiro,
71 0 comments  › Start a forum discussion. 2023.03.10 

New Showa Colouring Book

Folder preview

I spotted on twitter images from nekojyarashi999, images of a small Showa colouring book that I've not seen anywhere before.
This one with the cut-out Dai-X, rather than X-Bomber must be a rarer one.
67 0 comments  › Start a forum discussion. 2023.03.09 

Good Smile Company Dai-X - Updated

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[X-BOMBER / Star Fleet] MODEROID Big Dai-X wotafa's review - youtube
New photos are available on twitter of the Good Smile model company's Dai-X.
This company has a very descriptive name: these pictures do look good and they did make me smile.

It looks a little bit sharper and more accurate in some ways than the 2014 Evolution Toys Dai-X.
All the guns and launchers are really sharply moulded.
It has a lot of articulation and the way that LegTrax transforms is very interesting.
I see that this item is available for pre-order from Hobbylink:
It's a model that requires assembly, but not painting as the parts are already moulded in the right colour.
The cost is rather less than the Evolution Dai-X.

I also located a photo of the finished model on display, which looks really good, rather than a stock marketing photo.
This has been added to the media folder.
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Zeus Action Figure

I saw a good while ago that 400 12" action figures of Zeus from Zentrix were given out to boost publicity for the show.
I've never seen one come on sale, but a couple of folk asked me in the last several months about where to sell them.

Anyway, I now have one!
Here he is with Dai-X.  He's made of a soft vinyl and is really big and chunky.
He's really well articulated with his big feet. 
It gives you a really good look at the design of the character - better than you get from watching the show.

I really wasn't sure I'd see one of these in real life.
Thanks Billy!
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Darren Goldie - Orion - Update 3

Folder preview

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Brian Sweetin - Dai-X and X-Bomber

Folder preview

Thanks to Dan at the Star Fleet facebook group for the images,

61 0 comments  › Start a forum discussion. 2023.02.11 

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