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X-Bomber the Game

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Welcome to xbomber.co.uk,

This is the home of X-Bomber; the fast, modern vertical-scrolling spaceshooter for Windows, based on the Japanese sci-fi TV show; Star Fleet.
It features lots of arcade action, weapons and explosions.


v0.84c - In Progress 2016.09.10

| 0. EDF Transports and Tankers
- 1. Superfighter miniboss
- 6. Cloaked enemy effects improved
- 8. Volcanoes
- 10. Add large artefact enemies, improve sun background layering
| 14. EDF Conestoga Missile Destroyer
| 16. Battlecruiser Docks and Grey Attack Cruiser (more beam firepower than blue variant but less armour)
- Mini power-ups stripped from levels 7 and 10

| Get astrofighter carriers to release astrofighters during levels

- Finish X-Bomber guided missiles
- Bullet flash and impact effects - Phase 2; laser torpedoes etc.
- X-Bomber turrets and gunboys upgraded - Rotator spreadgun rewritten with variable bullet speed

- Sound effects updated
- Music playback glitches fixed
- Soundtrack refreshed

New Stuff 2016.07.23

Star Fleet Media Cover

Created a Star Fleet cover image for use in Media Center, iTunes etc.
StarFleet - Itunes artwork needed

- Instructions page improved, updated and rearranged.
- New Image Galleries: Max Steel, Fan Works > Models
- Uchusen Magazine (1980) X Bomber article uploaded: Articles
- David Sisson Models: Replicating the Overlander from Gerry Anderson & Christopher Burr's Terrahawks
- Article about X-Bomber at PC Advisor

Terrahawks Audio Show - Season 2 2016.06.21

Episode 4 of the Terrahawks audio show is available for free from bigfinish.
- Click here to listen
- More details ...

Thanks to ChrisDalek who works on the series for letting us know

I also recently saw the artwork by Chrisofedf of the Tomahawk ship that features in this series:
- Click to display

Dai-X, Makara and Shiro in Vinyl 2016 2016.02.21

X BOMBER by KINGDOMCOME Productions x Unbox Industries
If someone could get on and produce that already, that'd be GREAAAT.

Rain Cycle 2016.02.06

Rain Cycle Bike Rain Cycle Bike

Star Fleet Restoration - Next Episode 2015.08.05

X-Bomber Side-story - Rain Song 2015.07.31

Reading Vanessa's brilliant Star Fleet prequel; Rise of the Alliance got me writing my side-story to X-Bomber.
The most recent update, including chapters 1-6 is here.

Chapters 1-6

I've been thinking for a long time how to expand on what the game shows you.
In the fullness of time, I'll build the narrative into the game in the way that Zone 66 did.
I always found that an effective way of working the story into the game, rather than creating cutscenes on the limited budget of most games of that time that wouldn't have really done the story justice.

I've puzzled for a long time what would be the best format for cut-scenes in the game. I wondered whether it would be best to sketch the characters, ships etc. then edit them in Photoshop and lastly manipulate them in the game's runtime.
Somehow, I could never picture that working quite the way I wanted.
It probably would have clashed with the style of the sprites anyway.

So, what I have in-mind now is a shoot-em-up with a lot of heavily-illustrated narrative between missions.

Thunder in Paradise 2015.02.21

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Download v0.84b - New Release
2016.06.24, 140 MB

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