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X-Bomber the Game

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Welcome to xbomber.co.uk,

This is the home of X-Bomber; the fast, modern vertical-scrolling spaceshooter for Windows, based on the Japanese sci-fi TV show; Star Fleet.
It features lots of arcade action, weapons and explosions.

X-Bomber the Game's 15th Anniversary year; 2002/2017

Star Fleet's 35th Anniversary year; 1982/2017


X-Bomber v0.84e 2017.10.10

10.10 - X-Bomber v0.84d Released

X-Bomber v0.84e Objectives:
 * Get level 16 boss finished - 3%
 - enemy smart laser weapon improved

New Stuff 2017.06.24

08.06 - Finished processing UK DVD on-disc extras

07.30 - Star Fleet DVD PNG screenshots complete
07.26 - Terrahawks Audio Series 3 Trailer
07.19 - US 2017 DVDs added to Star Fleet screenshot gallery
07.14 - Large image loading glitch resolved - More info ...
07.04 - New Media folder: Sketchbook

06.24 - Website improvements
06.22 - Star Fleet Fan Work section updated
06.20 - Rain Song chapter 7 released

05.17 - Andy Thomas' X-Bomber in Lego

Thunder in Paradise 2015.02.21

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Level 16 Midway Boss - Design Document 2013.03.29

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EDF Advanced Destroyer - Type III 2012.12.12

The advanced destroyer has featured in X-Bomber since the original in two variants. In v0.52, you were able to fight those variants when several are captured by the enemy on Vesuvia (Mission 08).
You will be able to control a third variant as a player vessel in the next version.

- 4x high-velocity, rapid-fire linear Vulcan Cannons
- 2x high-energy Phased Plasma Cannons
- 2x medium-calibre Laser Torpedo Launchers
- Delta Laser lightning cannon

Type A - Armament
- Dual heavy pulse gun
- 2 x Phase plasma cannons
- Delta laser
- Guided missiles

Type B - Armament
- Dual heavy pulse gun
- 2 x rapid-fire linear gauss cannons
- Dual medium-calibre laser torpedo launchers
- Delta laser
- Guided missiles


Random Screenshot

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X-Bomber v0.84d

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Lego Ideas - X-Bomber!!!
Lego Ideas - X-Bomber!!!
Lego Ideas - X-Bomber!!!
Lego Ideas - X-Bomber!!!
Lego Ideas - X-Bomber!!!

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