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What a great time to be alive

Posted: Sun May 05, 2024 2:38 pm
by Shane
I’ve just received an holy grail item in the form of Moderoid’s Techno Boyger (Thunderbirds 2086 main ship for western audiences) to go with their Big Dai X and Gary Cass’s X Bomber.

All I need now is the time to actually build and paint them.

Re: What a great time to be alive

Posted: Tue May 07, 2024 12:52 pm
by Crash
Hi Shane,
It's great to hear from you!
It's good to see that Gary's X-Bomber prints are getting around.

Those things are great. He's always working on something new. Dan sent me videos of a new method that Gary was using, where it printed a single piece and built it up in the desired different colours.
Gary's always working on so many things, it makes it hard to know what you want to order from him.

I knew I wouldn't be able to sit down and do a proper job of the moderoid Dai-X for quite a while, so I haven't ordered that from anywhere.
Maybe later in the year, that would be a good thing to do.

Re: What a great time to be alive

Posted: Wed May 29, 2024 9:16 am
by Shane
Hey Crash,

Thanks for the response. Very quiet here on the forum, but glad it's still going.

Re: What a great time to be alive

Posted: Thu May 30, 2024 3:38 pm
by Crash
Big/government tech have done a good job of putting the online forum out of action, in general, but they haven't managed it with us.

Even sites like, which is a big Star Trek database site, that has a forum, doesn't have a great deal of activity and there's probably more to say around Star Trek than with Star Fleet.

It's good value for money keeping the site going and, even if it wasn't, it wouldn't go away.

We got quite a favourable renewal in February and they've put us on a nice box, which is like a ESXi/Hyper-V host with what seems like a huge amount of compute (it seems extremely fast) but doesn't have a huge amount of storage.
This site is a bit like a square peg in the round hole because it needs a good amount of storage and not that much compute.
The 'web server' itself is now just a virtual machine running on the host.

How are things on your end? What else is new there?

Re: What a great time to be alive

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2024 11:21 am
by Shane
I’m good here. I’ve found myself becoming a collector again, but much broader and not just Star Fleet. 20 years ago I had a massive collection of Star Fleet X Bomber merch, but with hindsight in 2024 I would probably only want a few of the original Items (small, ST and DX toys and DX X Bomber).

Really glad you stick with the forum, Crash. I will try to post a few of my upcoming builds starting with…

Re: What a great time to be alive

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2024 11:31 am
by Shane
Finally got round to building the Technoboyger a.k.a. Mainship from Thunderbirds 2086. it’s a great little build and didn’t take as long as I thought it might to put together; probably just an evening of work. Really love it! This is something I’ve wanted for so long and Having put it together, I am thinking that I might spend a bit more time on it, filing and maybe gluing some pieces. I have applied some of the stickers but not sure if I want to repaint the whole thing or maybe just apply the stickers and go over it with gundam markers. To sum up a really great model. and now looking forward to building the Dai X…

Re: What a great time to be alive

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2024 10:14 pm
by Crash
I think it's good to have 'real' hobbies like what you're doing.

My colleague at work is getting more into lego: building star destroyers and the like and jigsaws as well - anything to get away from the computer.

This Thunderbirds 2086 build is good. It could maybe use some panel marking with a gundam marker or something like that.
Sometimes black can be a bit brutal. Brown or Grey is a bit more moderate but gives it a sense of added realism.

Recently, I set up an aquarium, which has been keeping me quite busy.
My daughter wanted a fish and doing a proper job of keeping goldfish is not all that easy.
It was a bit of a problem at first because I was doing quite a bit with it that I'd not been doing before but it seems to be going quite smoothly now.