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This was a nice swords and sorcery CGI show that I saw when I was younger on Saturday-morning Channel 5.

I got the 40-episode DVD set ages ago and never managed to watch it to the end.
The other month, I finally watched the whole lot.

The series is actually quite attractive and I ran my usual process of capturing 1 screenshot per minute and uploaded the output in PNG since there aren't many good screen captures of the show online:

The show had a nice ending with most problems wrapped up but not all loose ends solved and the two young characters riding off to get those sorted out.
The show had some great, memorable environments, like castles, coastlines, monasteries and forests etc. but the episode stories didn't flow into eachother very much and some of the individual plotlines became a bit repetitive.

I thought the animation quality was very good for 2002, except for about 6-8 episodes around halfway through the series, where they clearly hired another animation studio to cover for the main one.
In the last 10 episodes, the lighting and animation improves a bit further.
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