I hope everyone had a good Christmas

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I hope everyone had a good Christmas

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Well, did everyone have a good Christmas haul?
I got my Star Trek ships of the line calendar, which, this year, is all-original-series-based, since it's the 50th Anniversary.
I got loads of really expensive tea. People obviously know, it helps keep my migraines away.
There was the Terrahawks blue ray volume 1 and Doom 4.
I also got the grey 'gun tower' t-shirt from Gears of War 4.

There was also a really great notebook with a red, rubberised cover and the plan of the Enterprise etched into it. That looks amazingly cool actually.
Then there was an A4 sketchpad from Flying Tiger.
I'll try and fill it with stuff for X-Bomber the Game.

What did everyone else get and what do you want to see happen in X-Bomber the Game and on xbomber.co.uk in 2017?
Dream big and bold and daring.