Remastering; June progress

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Remastering; June progress

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The Remastering project is still going, but I'm basically starting over in a way.... A few months ago, I updated my Rips of episodes from the French and Japanese DVD's. And I'm re-editing my premiere projects since they were optimized to NTSC when I should be editing PAL, which is native for the UK English dub.

I've learned a lot about the difference between PAL and NTSC that I didn't understand when I started this, thanks to my friend tug97

Because the Japanese DVD is NTSC, in a PAL Project, it does not look very good, because PAL is 25 frames per second and NTSC is 29 frames per second. The problem is that it makes the Japanese DVD footage jumpy, in that one frame is discarded every 6 frames in order to force it to a 25fps rate. Right now, I'm in the process of doing some NTSC to PAL cleanup by snapping frame by frame from the Japanese DVD and cleaning them up in a PAL project, syncing it to the UK video. The hard part isn't going frame by frame, the hard part is cleaning up the white grain speckles in Photoshop. Thankfully I only need the NTSC Japanese DVD for 10% of the project.

I'm still on the lookout for better footage than the English DVD to work with. For one, in Episode 5, the scene after the commercial transmission on both the French and Japanese releases are cut short compared to the English one, meaning I'll probably end up using it from the poor English DVD (even so, Episode 5 is one of the better looking episodes on the English DVD). If anybody has that rare VHS/Betamax with Episodes 4 and 5 back to back, which the quality seems to have come from cleaner 35mm rather than 16mm, that would help.

If anybody finds some rare foreign VHS or DVD of the show that may yield better results, let me know. I hate using the English DVD for parts of the "Don't Miss the Next Episode of Star Fleet" segments when they're so bad in comparison to what the Japanese DVD's give in quality, but don't have much of a choice when the first and last scenes used on the Japanese "Next Episode" sequences have big Japanese text over them...

I'll try and keep you informed...