Ideas for Horror Flicks

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Ideas for Horror Flicks

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I have an idea, for a story which starts off like a female Pinocchio, but becomes more gruesome:

A lonely young chick named Bronagh (which means "sorrow") despairs of ever finding the perfect bosom friend. One day, she moulds a tall figure of a girl from clay (she must be more artistically gifted than myself!), and names her Andriana (meaning "strong"). When night falls, Bronagh wishes on a star, praying for the model to come to life, and become the fun loyal friend she's been craving. Her wish comes true: Andriana is a good laugh, and a faithful confidante; they like the same TV shows, but have different favourite characters & episodes (to allow for interesting discussion). Whenever an adult enters Bronagh's room, Andriana becomes rigidly inert & silent, with no trace of a personality.

During some nights, Andriana slips out, and kills people who have been getting up Bronagh's nose: schoolgirls who have been fussing her about fashion-related trivia; naggy old piano-teachers; and all those (who will never in their wildest dreams possess a quarter of the zeroids' cuteness) who have bad taste in programmes made by a guy called Terry Handerson. Andriana has the strength of Dai-X: she can easily pick up an aggravating human and snap the torso in half, like a twig. And she has a magical touch: when she strokes statues of lions & hounds, they temporarily come to life, and assist her with the mass slaughter; yeah! And the beauty of it is, she gets away with it, because she's usually a motionless figure. Even Bronagh doesn't know for certain that Andriana is responsible; but when the murders are mentioned on the News, she notices Andriana give a wink. ;)

Has this plot already been "done"?