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Level 14 Boss 2020.06.20

[ Replying to Radisa ... ] 
Yes, the level 14 boss is, for me, the toughest boss in the game.
The weapons that I find work best against it are:

 - ADEN cannons ***
 - Plasma cannons ***
 - EM napalm ***
 - Scalar mass driver ***
 - Positron blaster ***
 - Laser sabre **
 - ODIN booster ***
 - WingBlade ***
 - Plasma grenades ***
 - DRAGOON pack **
 - Quantum blaster **
 - THOR booster ***

👍 806

Star Fleet Saturday 38 2020.06.19

You know, I've got so much material for Star Fleet Saturday, it's hard to know what to choose at the moment.  I think, with people working from home more, it's meant a big uptick in fan artwork (especially from Japan) based on this 40-year-old TV show...

So, here is an illustration in a really nice style of everyone's favourite villainess.  This is from twitter user "g0sgtfnxejzibvj".

👍 1202

X-Bomber v0.84g - Update 1 2020.06.17

Been working on getting the 4th-page of the briefing screen to display some establishing images of the environment in which the game is taking place...

Here, the moon graphic and labelling is an external PNG file generated in Photoshop, but the Earth and moon orbiting it is dynamic, with the moon leaving a trail behind itself as it moves.

For space missions, the idea is to build some moving models of whichever entire solar system the action is taking place in, which should be quite pretty to look at.

👍 799

Trekkietar 2020.06.16

The Trekkietar website is a good hoot, and at the same time, completely dysfunctional ...
It'll let you have a TNG uniform but will only let you have an original series phaser in the "body accessories" tab.

So, I went and fixed that, and when I say "fixed", I mean "totally fixed" ...
2019.12.05 | 21:20

https://trekkietar.framiq.com/ wouldn't let me have a TNG phaser.
Found the site with the help of Chris Stough :)

👍 1223

Dave Kennedy - X-Bomber 2020.06.15

I got my print of Dave Kennedy's X-Bomber.  I'm very happy with it.
I recommend checking his page out:

Not a bad photo either; I didn't even straighten that in Photoshop.

Now, I'm gonna want a frame the right size...
My time with NetApp taught me: "if it exists, it needs to be fully-framed".  :D

👍 1222

X-Impulse and Sound Design 2020.06.13

Radisa: I remember the time of playing older X-Bomber indie game and picking X impulse and accidentally one shot stage 2 boss and now the latest versions of X-Bomber allow you to release even powerful version of X impulse where the sound frequency breaks the void of space and almost muted any other sounds including its own blaster sound.

In a nutshell it went from wow to WOW

Reply: My housemate at University; Andrew gave me the idea of making the 'super X-impulse' silence all other sounds, to make it more ominous than just giving a 'bigger sound'.
That was an excellent idea.  I made sure to mention it in the game's credits.

Hopefully, I should be able to turn my attention to the sound effects before long.  They've been left for a long time and could stand some improvement.
It might happen for 0.84's G-release, or it might have to wait for the one after.  :D

👍 818

X-Bomber v0.84g - Progress 2020.06.12

Level 16
 - Astrofighter dock
	- add minelayer ship
	- add green heavy bomber variant
	- change beam cannons so that they track player
	- add astrofighters
Level 16
 - Black cloud transition improved 
 - Fortress exterior improved - missile and energy net launchers added
 - Drone hall improved with moving drone magazines
 - High security area and reactor logic improved
 - Improved multi-level background layering
 - Fixed some graphical glitches relating to the fortress interior environment

Level 9
 - Introductory, coastal phase improved

Mission Briefings
 - Mission environment display

 - Sync of ground objects with terrain further improved

👍 799

Star Fleet Saturday 37 2020.06.12

A little while ago, Infinity Magazine did a segment on Star Fleet, which included a nice double-page poster.
Unfortunately, this, when obtained via the digital download version, was too small a resolution and the wrong aspect to be used as a desktop background on most of today's monitors.

So, a few weeks ago, I set about improving the image quite a bit.
You can get the lossless PNG here:

To get the image to a higher resolution, I resized it twice using the 1.0 and new 2.0 "preserve details" algorithms in a ... popular imaging application, and then blended the two layers together, using the multiply method, which gave a much better contrast.

👍 816

X-Bomber v0.84f Released 2020.06.11

👍 807

X-Bomber v0.84f 2020.06.11

Level 16
 - Interior environment graphics
 - Reactor progressed
 - Power transfer area progressed

Level 8
 - lots of bolts tightened
New Special Weapon
 - Dai-X #9; arc sabre
Special Weapons
 - X-Bomber #8; Gunboy
	- firing cycle/animation improved
 - Dai-X #2; lock-on lightning
	- improved sprites
	- smoother beam handover between lock-on and manual modes
 - Dai-X #4; plasma grenade launchers
	- graphics improved
Player ships
 - Various improvements to Dai-X
 - Shield bubble displays properly on all player ships when player hit.
 - Score display and performance counters restored, slight re-configuration

👍 424

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