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Star Fleet Saturday 45 2020.08.14

It's a Dai-X-centric Star Fleet Saturday this week...
I found these drawings by ESAkings and Guredius a couple of months ago.

Like I might've mentioned a while back, there seemed to be a lot of Japanese artists working on Star Fleet illustrations all-of-a-sudden.

👍 3202

'Lower Decks' Phaser 2020.08.11

I got my Lower Decks type II phaser!
Actually, that's a complete fib.  This is the phaser released for Star Trek: Insurrection when I was 12 but it's clearly meant to be the same one as this, that they use in ST:LD.
I think, this came from Beatties, which was a great hobby shop in Newcastle.  It mustn't have been long before they closed.

👍 2904

UFO Lunar Interceptor 2020.08.10

After about a month of working from home, I was really feeling the need for a bit of a boost, so I found a Product Enterprise SHADO lunar interceptor, from UFO to reinforce my top cabinet, which is mostly full of Gerry Anderson gear.
I just took it out of its box today.

👍 2898

Gameplay - Level 1 2020.08.07

We might get complaints here, along the lines of "This isn't Star Fleet Saturday.  This is a shameful plug."

Anyway, a few people were asking if I could do some video walkthroughs of X-Bomber the Game, and so, here is Level 1.

I found that Windows will record any full-screen application that it identifies as a game, if you hit [Win+Alt+R] with it open.
You can go into [Windows > Settings > Gaming] and make it record at 60fps in higher quality and it gives quite a good result that way.

👍 3498

Star Fleet Saturday 44 2020.07.31

Following on from last week's Star Fleet Saturday, about the Evolution Toys Dai-X...

Twitter user "tLCBb9MzW9mFSat" created a 90cm-long plasticard X-Bomber to scale with the Evolution Dai-X.
The project stopped because it became apparent that the model would need to be rebuilt with a wood or metal internal frame, in order to give it the right rigidity.


👍 6429

Star Fleet Saturday 43 2020.07.24

In 2014 Evolution Toys released a combining die-cast action figure of Dai-X with magnetic joints as part of their Dynamite Action line.

Twitter user; Diaclonexxx found a novel way of assembling it.

Meanwhile Unyao made a nice project out of repainting and weathering it.

👍 3387

X-Bomber v0.84g - Update 4 2020.07.15

Taking the rest of the week off; first holiday in ages ...
I have a page-long list of bugs to fix and additions to make for v0.84g, but the most annoying and difficult one is now definitely ticked off.

👍 3352

Judge... 'Me' 2020.07.14

I really like Planet Replicas.  They do some really good stuff.  Their Thunderbirds stun gun is brilliant as well.

Anyway, throw down your weapons and prepare to be judged!

👍 2902

Star Fleet Saturday 41 2020.07.10

Quite a while ago, I turned up an image of a new Robot Girls Z character, which, the comments indicated, was based on Princess Keeli.
That didn't make much sense because I couldn't see much resemblance and, because the RGZ characters are normally based on mecha rather than original characters.

Anyway, I found some more images now of Bonn-sama, which clearly show that the idea of the character being based on Keeli is nonsense and that the character is infact based on the X-Bomber itself, which makes much more sense.

Here too is X-San; a character that's been in RGZ for quite some time before that; based on, you guessed it, Dai-X.

👍 3331

X-Bomber v0.84g - Update 3 2020.07.08

The net launcher sprite is >50% done.
I'm hoping that the coding on it won't be too tricky.
You can see from this image that the net launcher is about 200% of the size of the laser turrets and the missile launcher, which is how it'll be in the game.  That suits me fine, because it should look quite impressive that way.
The last episode of Star Fleet also seems to imply that fighters can launch from here too, so we'll do that as well.

👍 3376

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