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Design Sketches 2

avatar Crash
I like this new version of the Alliance tunnel-digger.
It doesn't actually appear anywhere in the game (well, not yet, anyway).
I also fixed the levels and backgrounds for the concept drawings for the buster cannon (aka. quantum blaster).
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Design Sketches 1

avatar Crash
Had some thoughts on how to re-work some of the sketches that went into the production of the game.
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Star Fleet Project Gameplay Videos

avatar Crash

[ 2020.05.16, 14:16 PM ]

Dai-X Junction [ 2020.05.18 | 21:27 ]

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Sketchbook - StarDart 2 and 3

avatar Crash
I had some other images of the StarDart (along with its carrier vessel), which I added to the sketchbook.
I enjoyed getting the ships to fire at eachother in the last one.
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Sketchbook - StarDart

avatar Crash

Watching the 'New' CGI Captain Scarlet, something about those Angel aircraft reminded me that I had an old outline of a streamlined little ship, that I found when moving house, last year.

The idea was for an anti-piracy vessel that got from where it was to wherever it needed to be in the shortest possible time.
The ship has a powerful but not particularly diversified weapons loadout.
This can be expanded with mission-specific underwing pods.
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X-Bomber v0.84f - Update 2

avatar Crash

I've been working on the interior of the space fortress; adding a lot of alien symbols and graphics.
At first, I had a bit of difficulty setting that up the way I wanted but it's working great now.
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X-Bomber v0.84f - Update 1

avatar Crash
Happy week-middle!
For X-Bomber the Game, I did quite a lot of work on the player special weapons.
The gunboys, lock-on-lightning and plasma grenade launchers all received attention in different ways.

I also made the last outstanding special weapon; the arc sabre, for the Dai-X.
I noticed that Multimedia Fusion seemed to have some new expressions which made the geometry and formulas amazingly quick and easy.

The game's onboard screenshot engine has yet to capture a really good image, illustrating it, but I'm very happy with it.

In the meantime, here's a doodle that I did ages ago, of the minelayer ship that I will need to sprite for the last level.
I also added an image of WingBlade to the website quite some time ago but it was never announced on the front page.
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v0.84e Update 5

avatar Crash
The space fortress reactor is nearly finished and quite cool.

I suddenly had to do a lot of work on the xbomber.co.uk site.
I upgraded the SFXB forum, and it now needs PHP 7.
Unfortunately, PHP7 helpfully has all the MySQL functions removed.
The re-working of the website is reasonably far along.
I should have the forum running alongside the website again within the next several days.

I promised a new X-Bomber version at the end of the month but I don't think I'm going to make that.
Once the PHP situation is fixed, I'll finish the gun ports/missile launchers for the reactor.
After that, I'll do a playtest and tidy up what's there before uploading the first new version in well over 2 years.
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v0.84e Update 4

avatar Crash
Here's a further update on X-Bomber the Game ...
L16 - Space environment and transition to fortress exterior improved
 - Cruise missile vapour trail fixed and engine glow added
 - Energy net behaviour and textures improved
 - 'Eye' laser emplacement graphics improved
 - Work on main reactor started
Engine - fixed chatter glitches
Briefing - GUI improved
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v0.84e Update 3

avatar Crash
X-Bomber Update Wednesday ...
 - Level 16 - High security area
 - Level 15 - Battlecruiser damage indication improved
 - Messages subsystem - fixes and improvements
 - Updater - fixes and improvements
 - Game engine terrain and ground-object handling improved
 - Mission briefing - improved
 - Scorekeeping improved
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