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Star Trek Starships - Defiant 2020.09.17

I took a few more great deliveries this week; (not all of them completely frivolous), but with the Defiant, Equinox and the Nebula class Honshu and Phoenix, that's my little collection finally finished, at least for now...

👍 2805

Logitech MX 2020.09.16

My big Logitech MX's wheel stopped spinning after a lot of years.
I cleaned it with a toothbrush and a bit of WD40 and got it spinning real nice and smooth again, but it must have damaged the sensor because it would only scroll 1 line for every 10 spins after that.
I gave it a few weeks to recover because I didn't want to spend my own money replacing it with the new MX 3.
But I eventually decided that my life would be better if I had a mouse that works.
Anyway, the new one has a lot of wizzbangs but it's not as comfortable and as natural a shape.
So, if you have the original one, try not to mess it up.

👍 2839

Star Fleet Saturday 50 2020.09.11

I figure we've all seen the cute X Bomber eraser sets, including these smaller ones.
What I hadn't seen until a while ago on Rinkya was a whole retail pack of 12, ideal for any Japanese toy shop in 1980.

👍 3235

Star Trek Starships - Equinox 2020.09.11

I got tired of waiting for Eaglemoss to re-stock its prime timeline Star Fleet ships (2/3rds of which have been out of stock since last year).
So I eventually resorted to the 'secondary market'/eBay, and here is the first arrival.

I already had the Equinox but its paint finish wasn't great.  
For that, you can get them where the models are unopened but they don't come with the magazines, which is ideal in that case, and that way, they're very reasonable.

👍 2837

Zentrix - Japanese DVDs - Vol 2 2020.09.05

I got my care package from Japan...

These Japanese DVDs of Zentrix (a very loveable Chinese CGI anime) are very hard to get.  I have seen complete sets of 6 for sale occasionally but the cost was always unbelievable.
Oddly, volume 2 came up for sale in two places at once, and since I wasn't sure about the condition and details of the listing, and because the price was reasonable, I bought both.
The red one is a new, sealed retail copy and the black is a rental copy.
In the end, it's good that I did get both because the rental had a lot of minor abrasions on the disc and my optical drives did not get on well reading it.

I was keen to get volume 2 since it has everyone's favourite character Akina on the cover; the feisty brunette in the blue jumpsuit.

I also bought a great poster with all the vehicles from Gerry Anderson's Firestorm, which I'm going to have framed.

So, I ran screengrabs on the DVD and its menus and scanned the cover:


👍 3180

Star Fleet Saturday 48 2020.08.28

Here's some fan artwork from Japanese artist; PLC.
Subject matter requires no description. :)

👍 3274

Laptop Storage Upgrade 2020.08.25

Doctor, would you care to assist me in performing surgery on a... photon torpedo?

I almost dismantled the entire machine before I found the single tiny screw that allowed you to push the hard disk caddy in the optical drive bay out through the side of the chassis.

It had a 1TB WD Blue in a caddy in the optical drive bay. I asked the manufacturer to do it that way, years ago. But that drive was for File History and it ran full.
Plus, the machine was running slow because the main hard disk, which was a Seagate hybrid was starting to die, according to its SMART data.
So it got a 2TB WD Blue mechanical and a WD Blue 3D nand SSD, which seems remarkably fast.
Anyway, it's all back together now and it is running.

👍 2859

Gameplay - Level 3 2020.08.23

I haven't accomplished much with X-Bomber this week.
My laptop is not very healthy but is still hanging in.
I ordered an SSD and a 2TB disk to replace its OS and File History drives, which are failing and full, respectively.

I finally got the game running well on the latest Fusion runtime.
They introduced something back in 2017 that stops the engine from destroying objects that travel too far away from the action.
That way, the number of objects would build up-and-up-and-up and the game slowed to a crawl.
I found the obscure option that fixes that and the game runs nicely.  This video of level 3 is compiled with the new runtime...

👍 3426

Star Fleet Saturday 46 2020.08.21

It is Star Fleet and it is nearly Saturday ...

Here's a fun thing that I found on pixiv, which is an image site that's quite widely used in Japan.

This is a really fine image by an artist called Aru of something from the show that doesn't inspire that many drawings; the Alliance astrofighter.

The artist made the observation that, in the show, this thing fires its weapons from the fuselage, rather than from the gun pod thing on the underside.

This may be raking up too much detail but in certain episodes, such as the one with Princess Keeli's planet, they are seen to fire a red or yellow 'ground attack' laser from the weapons pod underneath.
Whenever they fire a laser torpedo stream, it originates from the fuselage and the show is quite consistent on this.
That seemed to indicate to me that the main weapon was intended to be in the nose, as shown, and the pod underneath contained additional armament, which was less-frequently used.

I have meant to go back and 'adjust' the astrofighters in X-Bomber the Game accordingly but I would need to think a bit more about how to make that work with all the available astrofighter variants in the game.

Edit: Matsukami noticed that this illustration is based on the Natsucom model that appears on the site.
Models > NAtsucom

👍 3236

Gameplay - Level 2 2020.08.15

Work on X-Bomber the Game ground to a halt over the last several weeks, but now that I have the first full week's holiday since November, I should be able to revisit it.
In the meantime, here's a playthrough video of level 2; the asteroid field.
The WingBlade lock-on-lightning weapon for Dai-X gets some use near the end.

👍 3414

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