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Gameplay - Level 2 2020.08.15

Work on X-Bomber the Game ground to a halt over the last several weeks, but now that I have the first full week's holiday since November, I should be able to revisit it.
In the meantime, here's a playthrough video of level 2; the asteroid field.
The WingBlade lock-on-lightning weapon for Dai-X gets some use near the end.

👍 739

Star Fleet Saturday 45 2020.08.14

It's a Dai-X-centric Star Fleet Saturday this week...
I found these drawings by ESAkings and Guredius a couple of months ago.

Like I might've mentioned a while back, there seemed to be a lot of Japanese artists working on Star Fleet illustrations all-of-a-sudden.

👍 772

'Lower Decks' Phaser 2020.08.11

I got my Lower Decks type II phaser!
Actually, that's a complete fib.  This is the phaser released for Star Trek: Insurrection when I was 12 but it's clearly meant to be the same one as this, that they use in ST:LD.
I think, this came from Beatties, which was a great hobby shop in Newcastle.  It mustn't have been long before they closed.

👍 519

UFO Lunar Interceptor 2020.08.10

After about a month of working from home, I was really feeling the need for a bit of a boost, so I found a Product Enterprise SHADO lunar interceptor, from UFO to reinforce my top cabinet, which is mostly full of Gerry Anderson gear.
I just took it out of its box today.

👍 499

Gameplay - Level 1 2020.08.07

We might get complaints here, along the lines of "This isn't Star Fleet Saturday.  This is a shameful plug."

Anyway, a few people were asking if I could do some video walkthroughs of X-Bomber the Game, and so, here is Level 1.

I found that Windows will record any full-screen application that it identifies as a game, if you hit [Win+Alt+R] with it open.
You can go into [Windows > Settings > Gaming] and make it record at 60fps in higher quality and it gives quite a good result that way.

👍 776

Star Fleet Saturday 44 2020.07.31

Following on from last week's Star Fleet Saturday, about the Evolution Toys Dai-X...

Twitter user "tLCBb9MzW9mFSat" created a 90cm-long plasticard X-Bomber to scale with the Evolution Dai-X.
The project stopped because it became apparent that the model would need to be rebuilt with a wood or metal internal frame, in order to give it the right rigidity.


👍 1076

Star Fleet Saturday 43 2020.07.24

In 2014 Evolution Toys released a combining die-cast action figure of Dai-X with magnetic joints as part of their Dynamite Action line.

Twitter user; Diaclonexxx found a novel way of assembling it.

Meanwhile Unyao made a nice project out of repainting and weathering it.

👍 823

Star Fleet Saturday 42 2020.07.17

I finally located a copy of the fourth and final volume of the French Bomber X comic.
The condition of the cover was ... not particularly good, but for 2 Euros, I decided to go for it, since I didn't know when, or if, I'd see another one.

Anyway, I managed to scrub the image up and take away most traces of the creases.

👍 777

X-Bomber v0.84g - Update 4 2020.07.15

Taking the rest of the week off; first holiday in ages ...
I have a page-long list of bugs to fix and additions to make for v0.84g, but the most annoying and difficult one is now definitely ticked off.

👍 775

Judge... 'Me' 2020.07.14

I really like Planet Replicas.  They do some really good stuff.  Their Thunderbirds stun gun is brilliant as well.

Anyway, throw down your weapons and prepare to be judged!

👍 506

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