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Sketchbook - Discovery Compact Phaser 2020.10.08

I finished this outline and turned it into a little go-between for the Discovery and TOS phasers.

Anyway, here's hoping we get a second series of Lower Decks ... :)

👍 2278

Sketchbook - Captain Scarlet Handgun 2020.10.06

Here's another thing I found from ages ago; before the New Captain Scarlet was made.
The wheel on the back is to select projectile type/firing mode and the side switches control overload, sight/illumination and user access.
Images of the original and re-made weapon are included for comparison.  :)

The 1967 original was a projectile weapon but the re-made version was an energy weapon with a stun setting.

👍 2282

Star Fleet Saturday 2-01 2020.10.02

For the first instalment of Star Fleet Saturday Year 2, it's a great bit of fan-art by Japanese artist; PLC, from pixiv.

👍 2293

Star Fleet Saturday 52 2020.09.25

There's now been 52 Star Fleet Saturdays since I started a bit over a year ago.
There's not as much going on relating to Star Fleet that I can find at the moment but we'll have to see how we get on.

I found new photos of Prince Allion's terrific statue of the Imperial Master from 61akq3gtnbonrga on twitter:

👍 2241

Sketchbook - Old Weapons 2020.09.24

Well, now that I have Windows set up again with scanner drivers and a new, spangly Photoshop, I can scan things and do stuff with them.

I was digging again through my mountains of old drawings and found these.
The first one was clearly based on the fusion cannon from Descent.
The second one reminds me of the rifle from Blade: Trinity but is meant to be a rotary weapon.

👍 2259

Operation: Matriarchy - Enhancement Add-On 2020.09.22

I had a replay of Operation: Matriarchy with the enhancement add-on applied.
It made a very strong, positive impression on the earlier stages of the game but, later on, the alien environments had had their lightmaps and colours changed, which took away some of their mood and wow-factor.

I uploaded quite a lot of new screenshots here for comparison:

👍 2244

Star Fleet Saturday 51 2020.09.18

For Go Nagai's birthday (6th September), Young Jump magazine published a big, double page illustration by artists Shueisha and Kodansha containing, as you can see, the X-Bomber.

👍 2219

Star Trek Starships - Defiant 2020.09.17

I took a few more great deliveries this week; (not all of them completely frivolous), but with the Defiant, Equinox and the Nebula class Honshu and Phoenix, that's my little collection finally finished, at least for now...

👍 1944

Logitech MX 2020.09.16

My big Logitech MX's wheel stopped spinning after a lot of years.
I cleaned it with a toothbrush and a bit of WD40 and got it spinning real nice and smooth again, but it must have damaged the sensor because it would only scroll 1 line for every 10 spins after that.
I gave it a few weeks to recover because I didn't want to spend my own money replacing it with the new MX 3.
But I eventually decided that my life would be better if I had a mouse that works.
Anyway, the new one has a lot of wizzbangs but it's not as comfortable and as natural a shape.
So, if you have the original one, try not to mess it up.

👍 1942

Star Fleet Saturday 50 2020.09.11

I figure we've all seen the cute X Bomber eraser sets, including these smaller ones.
What I hadn't seen until a while ago on Rinkya was a whole retail pack of 12, ideal for any Japanese toy shop in 1980.

👍 2270

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