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Sketchbook - USS McEnany 2020.10.15

I got to thinking what it would look like if the Akira class were given a more streamlined saucer section.
Then I got to trying to draw a Cerritos that was a bit more streamlined and bit less fragile-looking.
And then we got to this ...

👍 3202

Rain's Flightsuit Helmet and Alliance Delta Bomber 2020.10.14

Here's some slightly more recent stuff, relating to X-Bomber the Game ...

I figured that the pilot of the WingBlade ship needed a really substantial flightsuit helmet to help with the forces linked to the ship's acceleration and the complexity of monitoring the ship's systems and armament.

I've been wanting to put the purple delta wing bombers from the Bomber X comic (along with their carriers) in the game for a long time but it's finding the right time to embark on what will be quite a time-consuming job if it's going to be done right.

I doodled them in preparation for that, while I was in a hospital waiting room many moons ago.

👍 3156

Star Fleet Saturday 2-02 2020.10.09

Matsukami came through yet again and made a terrific job of building the drone craft / astrofighter carrier / whatever-you-want-to-call-it.
The project started in March and was finished this month.


Check out the images of his wonderful X-Bomber and Battlecruiser projects on:

👍 3199

Sketchbook - Discovery Compact Phaser 2020.10.08

I finished this outline and turned it into a little go-between for the Discovery and TOS phasers.

Anyway, here's hoping we get a second series of Lower Decks ... :)

👍 3164

Sketchbook - Captain Scarlet Handgun 2020.10.06

Here's another thing I found from ages ago; before the New Captain Scarlet was made.
The wheel on the back is to select projectile type/firing mode and the side switches control overload, sight/illumination and user access.
Images of the original and re-made weapon are included for comparison.  :)

The 1967 original was a projectile weapon but the re-made version was an energy weapon with a stun setting.

👍 3213

Star Fleet Saturday 2-01 2020.10.02

For the first instalment of Star Fleet Saturday Year 2, it's a great bit of fan-art by Japanese artist; PLC, from pixiv.

👍 3238

Star Fleet Saturday 52 2020.09.25

There's now been 52 Star Fleet Saturdays since I started a bit over a year ago.
There's not as much going on relating to Star Fleet that I can find at the moment but we'll have to see how we get on.

I found new photos of Prince Allion's terrific statue of the Imperial Master from 61akq3gtnbonrga on twitter:

👍 3165

Sketchbook - Old Weapons 2020.09.24

Well, now that I have Windows set up again with scanner drivers and a new, spangly Photoshop, I can scan things and do stuff with them.

I was digging again through my mountains of old drawings and found these.
The first one was clearly based on the fusion cannon from Descent.
The second one reminds me of the rifle from Blade: Trinity but is meant to be a rotary weapon.

👍 3180

Operation: Matriarchy - Enhancement Add-On 2020.09.22

I had a replay of Operation: Matriarchy with the enhancement add-on applied.
It made a very strong, positive impression on the earlier stages of the game but, later on, the alien environments had had their lightmaps and colours changed, which took away some of their mood and wow-factor.

I uploaded quite a lot of new screenshots here for comparison:

👍 3151

Star Fleet Saturday 51 2020.09.18

For Go Nagai's birthday (6th September), Young Jump magazine published a big, double page illustration by artists Shueisha and Kodansha containing, as you can see, the X-Bomber.

👍 3121

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