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Judge... 'Me'

avatar Crash

I really like Planet Replicas.  They do some really good stuff.  Their Thunderbirds stun gun is brilliant as well.

Anyway, throw down your weapons and prepare to be judged!
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Napalm Cannon and Black Hole Bomb

avatar Crash

Got around to making some improvements to level 16; improved the drone hall and object ordering.
Gonna see if we can do something cool with Dai-X's black hole bomb for v0.84g; shoulder-mounted launchers with turret guns.
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Dai-X Booster Prototype 2

avatar Crash

There was no update on X-Bomber the Game on Wednesday, because this week was a bit full-on.
I did have some luck running an old illustration of the THOR booster for Dai-X through Photoshop the other weekend.  It came out quite a bit better than before...
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Updated Sketches 2

avatar Crash
Here's the minisub from level 11 ...
If you call an airstrike during the underwater stage, these are what show up.
... as well as the Andy Thomas patented X-Fighter.
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Sketchbook - Lawbreaker

avatar Crash

I was 100% sure that this drawing had been lost or thrown out.

This was supposed to be a half-way point between a modern firearm and the Justice Department's weapon-for-all seasons; the Lawgiver.
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Level 14 Boss

avatar Crash
[ Replying to Radisa ... ] 
Yes, the level 14 boss is, for me, the toughest boss in the game.
The weapons that I find work best against it are:

 - ADEN cannons ***
 - Plasma cannons ***
 - EM napalm ***
 - Scalar mass driver ***
 - Positron blaster ***
 - Laser sabre **
 - ODIN booster ***
 - WingBlade ***
 - Plasma grenades ***
 - DRAGOON pack **
 - Quantum blaster **
 - THOR booster ***
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X-Bomber v0.84g - Update 1

avatar Crash

Been working on getting the 4th-page of the briefing screen to display some establishing images of the environment in which the game is taking place...

Here, the moon graphic and labelling is an external PNG file generated in Photoshop, but the Earth and moon orbiting it is dynamic, with the moon leaving a trail behind itself as it moves.

For space missions, the idea is to build some moving models of whichever entire solar system the action is taking place in, which should be quite pretty to look at.
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avatar Crash

The Trekkietar website is a good hoot, and at the same time, completely dysfunctional ...
It'll let you have a TNG uniform but will only let you have an original series phaser in the "body accessories" tab.

So, I went and fixed that, and when I say "fixed", I mean "totally fixed" ...
2019.12.05 | 21:20

https://trekkietar.framiq.com/ wouldn't let me have a TNG phaser.
Found the site with the help of Chris Stough :)
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X-Impulse and Sound Design

avatar Crash
Radisa: I remember the time of playing older X-Bomber indie game and picking X impulse and accidentally one shot stage 2 boss and now the latest versions of X-Bomber allow you to release even powerful version of X impulse where the sound frequency breaks the void of space and almost muted any other sounds including its own blaster sound.

In a nutshell it went from wow to WOW

Reply: My housemate at University; Andrew gave me the idea of making the 'super X-impulse' silence all other sounds, to make it more ominous than just giving a 'bigger sound'.
That was an excellent idea.  I made sure to mention it in the game's credits.

Hopefully, I should be able to turn my attention to the sound effects before long.  They've been left for a long time and could stand some improvement.
It might happen for 0.84's G-release, or it might have to wait for the one after.  :D
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X-Bomber v0.84f - Update 3

avatar Crash
Radisa: Buster Cannon is just broken I tell you.

Reply: Time to do a short update on v0.84f ...
This week, I've been revising the quantum blaster purple weapon for Dai-X.
That weapon was a relatively recent addition to the game, compared to others, and I wanted it to be devastatingly effective against bosses.

The below video by Radisa demonstrates well, though, how the weapon is so devastating that it can be exploited in some ways that I hadn't anticipated.
I will say, that the video below is from a 2016 version of the game and the quantum blaster had already received quite a few changes and fixes since then.
In any event, the weapon has been tweaked and rebalanced in almost every conceivable area. So, with that and previous updates, I think I've done about as much as I'm planning to do on v0.84f. I'll probably test it a while longer and release it on Friday night, as I did with the last version.
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