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Star Fleet Saturday 2-05 2020.10.30

It has been quite a week.  Here is Dai-X, floating in space.
He must be having an upside-down nap - his eyes aren't lit up anyway. 🙂
I saw this on twitter, from user; mattarhythm_com.
Really nice job

👍 2283

Bomber X Comics - French Stamps 2020.10.27

When collecting the Bomber X comics, every time I got a delivery from France, they'd always have really wonderful stamps.
But this last one had the most impressive assortment.

In the UK, there's just 3 kinds of stamps; 1st class, 2nd class and 'put it in the car and take it yourself'.

👍 2330

Sketchbook - Space Pirates 2020.10.24

I think I drew these little pirate ships as enemies for the stardart that I scanned back in May.
Search > Stardart

👍 2414

Star Fleet Saturday 2-04 2020.10.23

On 23rd October 1982, Star Fleet first aired on ITV in the UK.
And yesterday, I finally got the last one of these. I had to get it from the French Rakuten online marketplace. It just wasn't coming up on eBay, even after months and months I was able to do scans of all the covers and I'm in the process of slowly scanning the inside pages: http://xbomber.co.uk/?dir=Star+Fleet%2FComics+-+France

👍 2273

Bomber X Comic Book Ship Sprites 2020.10.19

There we go...
I'll try and get the behaviours programmed for these this week ...

Thanks to Matsu Kami for the reference photos, which saved me from digging out the relevant issues from my vast trove of Star Fleet material.

👍 2244

Poster Framing 2020.10.17

I got my pictures back from the framing shop behind the Chantry in Morpeth.  The guy there's very good.

I see that the Eric Chu Terrahawks one is now available again on the Anderson store, (but not in the original size).
Mine had a bit of a crease in one corner when it arrived, so I found a mint one on eBay.

The red one is from Japan, advertising the PS2 game based on the Chinese CGI anime show; Zentrix, which is a really lovely TV series.

The black one shows all the principal vehicles used in the Japanese-made Gerry Anderson show; Firestorm, which is also one of my favourites.

👍 2195

Star Fleet Saturday 2-03 2020.10.16

I was trying to pick up some of the six issues of Televi-Kun that contain X Bomber articles and instalments of the manga.
Unfortunately, I timed that right around the 40th anniversary of X Bomber appearing on television in Japan.

People were bidding *insane* money and the fact I was using a bidding proxy didn't seem to help me either.
Anyway, I cost them a lot of money by bidding and saved myself a lot of money by losing.

What was quite annoying was that you then saw the people who'd won the auction putting images of the exact same item on Twitter.
Here's kyano13neo with some images of Lamia and Makara, as well as a two cool alien ... what-even-are-those? ... monsters, fighting the Dai-X.

I saw an interview with Go Nagai, where he explained that he'd wanted to have giant monster and robot battles in the show, but I guess the budget and length of the series didn't stretch to it.

👍 2253

Sketchbook - USS McEnany 2020.10.15

I got to thinking what it would look like if the Akira class were given a more streamlined saucer section.
Then I got to trying to draw a Cerritos that was a bit more streamlined and bit less fragile-looking.
And then we got to this ...

👍 2251

Rain's Flightsuit Helmet and Alliance Delta Bomber 2020.10.14

Here's some slightly more recent stuff, relating to X-Bomber the Game ...

I figured that the pilot of the WingBlade ship needed a really substantial flightsuit helmet to help with the forces linked to the ship's acceleration and the complexity of monitoring the ship's systems and armament.

I've been wanting to put the purple delta wing bombers from the Bomber X comic (along with their carriers) in the game for a long time but it's finding the right time to embark on what will be quite a time-consuming job if it's going to be done right.

I doodled them in preparation for that, while I was in a hospital waiting room many moons ago.

👍 2263

Star Fleet Saturday 2-02 2020.10.09

Matsu Kami came through yet again and made a terrific job of building the drone craft / astrofighter carrier / whatever-you-want-to-call-it.
The project started in March and was finished this month.


Check out the images of his wonderful X-Bomber and Battlecruiser projects on:

👍 2276

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