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Wingblade Booster / Robot

It might get implemented in the game ... someday.

infact at the NERG, they had a nice little title on one of the consoles where the player flew the fighter ship and his wingman was an NPC flying robot that would attack the enemy from-time-to-time.
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Star Fleet Saturday 01

I loathe using Pinterest, but today it served up some great X Bomber fan artwork.
!!! Happy Star Fleet Saturday !!!
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New Chicago City

New Chicago City is a beautiful and dangerous off-world mining colony with a major (organised and disorganised) crime problem.
It was the setting for a G-Police-style game that I began to make with some online friends, while at school ...
The ship would have had a 3DoF ground-attack mode where it circle-strafed like Descent's Pyro GX and a fast "escape" mode where it would have flown like the ship from Fury3.
Predictably, the project never lived beyond a couple of small prototypes but the location and the ship made their way into X-Bomber the Game's overall premise.
I drew this the-summer-before-last but, health being what it is, I never finished and scanned it until now.
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