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Sketchbook - Ha Long Warp Delta 2018.08.19

A TNG-era, bigger version of the warp delta ship from Enterprise.
It has atmospheric flight and landing capability, a large cargo hold and shuttle bay and lots of phaser firepower for its size.
I drew it in the café at Hexham Abbey while my car was getting its service a while back.

👍 2626

X-Bomber v0.84d 2017.10.10

 - Handling of weapon system activation improved in training mission

 - Briefing screen upgraded
 - Astrofighter carriers release astrofighters during levels - partial
 - Vapour and smoke trail performance improved
 - Dust particle system version 4
 - Automatic Dai-X junction (Hold shift).
 - Quantum blaster mechanics improved
 - Dialogue system improved for better readability
 - In-game music handling skips unplayable files.
 - fixed event ordering glitch, when friendly Astrofighters are destroyed

 - Quantum blaster (X-Bomber special weapon) graphics updated
 - Enemy smart mine graphics improved

This version is a significantly larger download than previous versions due to the increased amount of music and external PNG briefing images.
These files will be slimmed down for the next version.

👍 1822

v0.84c 2016.11.09

- 1. Superfighter miniboss
- 6. Cloaked enemy effects improved
- 8. Volcanoes
- 10. Add large artefact enemies, improve sun background layering
- Levels 7 and 10; re-balanced; mini power-ups removed

- Player shields (press C) re-balanced and available on all player ships

- Finish X-Bomber guided missiles
- Muzzle flash and impact effects phase 2; laser torpedoes etc.
- X-Bomber turrets and gunboys upgraded
- Rotator spreadgun rewritten with variable bullet speed
- Dai-X Fighter secondary weapons and ammo handling improved
- Several bullets merged and re-sprited
- Laser sabre upgraded - causes more damage after every beam reflection
- Lightning weapons improved

- Sound effects updated
- Music playback glitches fixed
- Soundtrack refreshed

👍 1867

v0.84b 2016.06.24

Player Weapons
- Wildfire missiles graphically improved with launch clouds and engine glow
- Wingblade and homing lasers functionally and graphically improved
- Change BrainCom and Legtrax special weapons
- Launch clouds, improved logic and graphics for plasma grenades

- Improved and unified player missile guidance and turret targetting system
- Main battle tank 'turret sharing' logic and movement
- Dialogue: shields and fighter megabombs
- Realtime rotation on more objects; 6MB shaved off project filesize

- Mission 9 water texture improved - now more 'ocean' and less 'swimming pool'
- Check Shockwaves on all bosses

- Mission 4: Improve planet and explosion sequence
- Mission 16: Colour-scheme change on mid-level boss

User Interface
- Options menu streamlined
- Logic and graphical changes to main menu

👍 1876

v0.84a 2016.03.19

New Enemy - Alliance Ground Attack Drone (appears in Mission 06)

- Changed Dai-X mega missiles to much cooler nukes
- Dai-X black hole missile special weapon improved
- Improved Dai-X Fighter special weapon logic; especially MainBody - X-Bomber guided missile homing logic improved to engage multiple targets simultaneously

- Automatic power transfer improved to take account of the extra boost from 50% (gold) and 100% (purple) power-ups.
- Alliance astrofighter, carrier and transport spawning logic simplified and improved.
- Manual power transfer efficiency increased from 50 to 75%
- Spawning for various things (including enemy transports and power-ups) improved.

Mission Updates
- Mission 15 - Battlecruiser upgrade - Phase 2
- Mission 11 - Terrain speed altered
- Mission 08 - Stage 3 rebuilt
- Mission 00 - Training mission updated

- Various missile sprites improved (alpha-blend, real-time rotation, scaling)
- Drop shadows v4

👍 1907

v0.84 2015.08.31

- Migration from Multimedia Fusion 2 to Clickteam Fusion 2.5 runtime
- 'Night mode' enabled and other consistency improvements in mission 11
- 'No instruments mode' available in options menu

- Dai-X special weapon; Quantum Buster rebalanced with new features and graphics
- Mission 11 underwater wingmen added

- Bullet muzzle flashes and impact animations
- Dai-X Special Weapon 3; RFSG, and 4; plasma grenades improved
- Engine glow and afterburn for Booster Packs
- Underwater bubble particles and other mission 11 graphics improved
- Mission 9 - stage 1 graphics improved

👍 1875

v0.83h 2015.05.28

Note: Press and hold Select 1 (Shift, by default) to transform to Dai-X.
Select 2 is now Ctrl by default, rather than \,

- Joystick/gamepad button mapping
- Online and local high-score systems improved
- Skull missile reloading fixed

- Mission 15 battlecruiser improved
- DRAGOON weapon improved
- Neutralaser enemy weapon prototype
- Lack of power-up bunkers in mission 3 fixed

- Power-up glow
- Boss 5 graphics improved

👍 1859

v0.83g 2015.03.19

Display Article

👍 1837

v0.83f 2014.09.13

X-Bomber Special Weapon #9; Laser Sabre - Complete
- Beams reflect off targets more reliably

X-Bomber Special Weapons - Logic1 and graphics2 updates
- #3; Rotator Spread Gun1
- #4; Plasma Cannon
- #5; Scalar Mass Driver2
- #7; Converging Laser Torpedos1

Dai-X Special Weapons - Logic and graphics updates
- #2; WingBlade
- #3; Rapid-fire Spread Gun
- #4; Plasma Grenade
- #8; Quantum Blaster

Player Ships
- Issues with The Skull player ship fixed
- WingBlade afterburners added
- WingBlade shield/HUD logic improved

- Added laser torpedoes and pulse guns to Attacker astrofighters
- Added dual and alternating fire cycles to enemy turrets
- Adjusted rotation logic on space mines
- Early-in-game Boss ships - health doubled

- Screengrab feature improved
- Mission 8 shutdown glitch fixed
- Fixed control mapping bug on options screen
- Update feature fixed

- X-Bomber turret logic improved
- Added more character dialogue
- Mission 08 volcanoes improved

👍 1861

v0.83e 2014.07.23

Dai-X Weapons
- Split into primary and secondary categories, giving you more control over what to fire and when:
- Primary: Pulse guns, Lasers, Special (Fire: Z, Select: Shift)
- Secondary: Mega missiles, X-Tracer, Micro missiles (Fire: X, Select: Ctrl)
- Heads-up-display expanded accordingly
- Dai-X secondary weapons; esp. X-Tracer, improved

- Dai-X Fighter shields improved
- X-Bomber blocking shield added - Press C to activate.
- Asteroid spawn logic improved - increases randomisation of asteroid fields
- Energy swarm (in Missions 7 and 10) improved - makes both levels fairer
- Players' guided missile / homing laser logic updated
- EDF Astrofighter firing-points updated

- Heat haze effect and linear shadows improved for Mission 10
- Muzzle flashes for Dai-X pulse gun improved, CIWS-fire alpha-blend randomised

- In-game Dialogue 2 - Cleverer crew with more helpful things to say
- Power transfer logic improved
- Rotator SpreadGun and Dai-X Fighter special weapon logic simplified
- Object-selection glitch on Hive Runner laser torpedo launcher fixed

👍 1858

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