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Sketchbook - USS Trey Gowdy 2019.01.27

Still enjoying Star Trek Discovery S02 ...
Is it just me though, or are the Federation ships all a bit blocky and uninspired?
Why does only the Next Generation onwards get sleek, elegant ships?
Let's make starships streamlined again!

👍 2643

Sketchbook - Marvin 2019.01.21

This is an old doodle of Marvin.
His TV representation was too clunky and the film version (which came after this) just seemed stupid.

👍 2670

Sketchbook - USS Whittaker 2019.01.20

What an anti-climax.  They introduce the Enterprise at the end of Discovery Season 1 and in the opening episode of Season 2, *rather* than the Enterprise rampaging through a ceaseless horde of Klingon vessels, savaging countless D7s, spewing forth enough torpedoes to reduce the Klingon Homeworld to a fine powder, in retribution for its fallen friends … the ship gets towed, that's right, towed ... back to the spacedock like a european car.

Apart from that, I confess, the episode was actually pretty good.

👍 2682

Fury3 - Official Strategy Guide 2019.01.19

I had to order this old thing from Australia to get a new, un-thumbed copy for < £50 but here it is ... Fury3 - Official Strategy Guide - 'venemous wildlife edition'

👍 2649

Sketchbook - Thunderbolt 2018.12.18

Parental_Units.exe exited with the following error:
Expecting 'christmas list', found 'crude illustration of Thunderbolt'.

👍 2638

Firestorm - DVD Vols 3, 7 and 9 2018.11.01

The more I watch of this Firestorm show again, the more I like it.
If you think that the new pilot is better than the original Japanese series, seek professional help.
Vols 3, 7 and 9 screenshots available here:

👍 2676

Firestorm - DVD Vols 5, 6 and 8 2018.10.19

Firestorm Vol.5, 6 and 8 screengrabs uploaded.
I'm still working on getting my hands on 3, 4, 7 and 9 ...

👍 2623

Firestorm - DVD Vols 2, 5, 6 and 8 2018.10.18

The consignment of Firestorm DVDs; 2, 5, 6 and 8 arrived yesterday.
Firestorm Volume 2 screenshots are upped:

👍 2640

Firestorm - DVD Vol 1 2018.09.12

My hunch was right. The individual DVD volumes of Gerry Anderson's Firestorm have much better picture quality than the 3-disc series boxset.
The individual DVDs are much cleaner and less muddy:

I really like Firestorm - it's Gundam SEED mixed with UFO.

👍 2643

X-Fighter 2018.09.09

Here's some stuff from X-Bomber the Game;
The representation of Andy Thomas' X-Fighter from his Star Fleet: Genesis story ...
Get the original quality here:

👍 2618

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