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Sketchbook - USS Rothbury 2019.03.23

👍 2589

Sketchbook - USS Turanza 2019.03.09

Found this old drawing when I was clearing things out.
It was just an outline of a runabout that I did at school so I sat down this week with my sharpies and a few other things that make lines on paper and filled in the details.

👍 2603

Zentrix - French DVD Cover Scans 2019.03.01

More fuel for my Zentrix project:

These French covers are definitely more vivid and adventurous than the US ones.

👍 2591

Zentrix - French DVD Box Scans 2019.03.01

French-language translation module: re-initialising ...
This sub-system last accessed: sometime around 2010.

👍 2542

Dai-X Special Weapons 2019.02.18

I did these while I was looking after Dominique's display at the Alnmouth art festival last summer.
The giant robot that mounts these weapons is about 80m tall.
So a single grenade can be the size of a small car.

👍 2623

New Chicago City 2019.02.17

New Chicago City is a beautiful and dangerous off-world mining colony with a major (organised and disorganised) crime problem.
It was the setting for a G-Police-style game that I began to make with some online friends, while at school ...
The ship would have had a 3DoF ground-attack mode where it circle-strafed like Descent's Pyro GX and a fast "escape" mode where it would have flown like the ship from Fury3.
Predictably, the project never lived beyond a couple of small prototypes but the location and the ship made their way into X-Bomber the Game's overall premise.
I drew this the-summer-before-last but, health being what it is, I never finished and scanned it until now.

👍 2589

Sketchbook - Section 31 Stealth Ship 2019.02.09

Owing to wetware malfunction, I've been doing more drawing on paper than coding.
In Star Trek Discovery, Section 31 has cool, black badges.  (Doesn't that make them more conspicuous, rather than less?)
Anyway, if they have cool black insignia, maybe they have a cool black stealth ship as well ...
You probably wouldn't know, even if they did.

👍 2646

Firestorm - DVD Vol 4 Scans 2019.02.07

With the last, missing DVD volume screen-grabbed and scanned, the great Firestorm quest is over … (for now) ... (maybe).

👍 2659

Sketchbook - USS Tim Scott 2019.02.06

Okay, I wasn't happy with how smooth the original was, so I went back and did more on it.  
Maybe I overdid it with the greebles.  But it looks mean ... and that's what I was going for.

👍 2666

Firestorm - DVD Vol 4 Screenshots 2019.02.05

I got volume 4 of Firestorm thru Amazon.  It never showed up anywhere else.  The price was very good and the condition is immaculate.

👍 2592

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