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New Chicago City 2019.02.17

New Chicago City is a beautiful and dangerous off-world mining colony with a major (organised and disorganised) crime problem.
It was the setting for a G-Police-style game that I began to make with some online friends, while at school ...
The ship would have had a 3DoF ground-attack mode where it circle-strafed like Descent's Pyro GX and a fast "escape" mode where it would have flown like the ship from Fury3.
Predictably, the project never lived beyond a couple of small prototypes but the location and the ship made their way into X-Bomber the Game's overall premise.
I drew this the-summer-before-last but, health being what it is, I never finished and scanned it until now.

👍 3642

Sketchbook - Section 31 Stealth Ship 2019.02.09

Owing to wetware malfunction, I've been doing more drawing on paper than coding.
In Star Trek Discovery, Section 31 has cool, black badges.  (Doesn't that make them more conspicuous, rather than less?)
Anyway, if they have cool black insignia, maybe they have a cool black stealth ship as well ...
You probably wouldn't know, even if they did.

👍 3683

Sketchbook - USS Tim Scott 2019.02.06

Okay, I wasn't happy with how smooth the original was, so I went back and did more on it.  
Maybe I overdid it with the greebles.  But it looks mean ... and that's what I was going for.

👍 3702

Sketchbook - USS Trey Gowdy 2019.01.27

Still enjoying Star Trek Discovery S02 ...
Is it just me though, or are the Federation ships all a bit blocky and uninspired?
Why does only the Next Generation onwards get sleek, elegant ships?
Let's make starships streamlined again!

👍 3685

Sketchbook - Marvin 2019.01.21

This is an old doodle of Marvin.
His TV representation was too clunky and the film version (which came after this) just seemed stupid.

👍 3715

Sketchbook - USS Whittaker 2019.01.20

What an anti-climax.  They introduce the Enterprise at the end of Discovery Season 1 and in the opening episode of Season 2, *rather* than the Enterprise rampaging through a ceaseless horde of Klingon vessels, savaging countless D7s, spewing forth enough torpedoes to reduce the Klingon Homeworld to a fine powder, in retribution for its fallen friends … the ship gets towed, that's right, towed ... back to the spacedock like a european car.

Apart from that, I confess, the episode was actually pretty good.

👍 3724

Fury3 - Official Strategy Guide 2019.01.19

I had to order this old thing from Australia to get a new, un-thumbed copy for < £50 but here it is ... Fury3 - Official Strategy Guide - 'venemous wildlife edition'

👍 3713

Sketchbook - Thunderbolt 2018.12.18

Parental_Units.exe exited with the following error:
Expecting 'christmas list', found 'crude illustration of Thunderbolt'.

👍 3686

X-Fighter 2018.09.09

Here's some stuff from X-Bomber the Game;
The representation of Andy Thomas' X-Fighter from his Star Fleet: Genesis story ...
Get the original quality here:

👍 3667

Sketchbook - Ha Long Warp Delta 2018.08.19

A TNG-era, bigger version of the warp delta ship from Enterprise.
It has atmospheric flight and landing capability, a large cargo hold and shuttle bay and lots of phaser firepower for its size.
I drew it in the café at Hexham Abbey while my car was getting its service a while back.

👍 3658

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