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Sketchbook - Shadow Stand-off Vessel 2019.08.03

When I was rummaging, I found a little outline of what I guess was a ship based on the Shadow vessels from Babylon 5.

I sharpied and shaded it a bit, stuck it through the V750 Pro.

My idea for it is that, while the Shadow 'battlecrab' is the great all-rounder, this ship fires more accurately over great distances but is vulnerable at close-quarters, lacking much agility or short-range defence.
The blue-green bits presumably help the two weapons to charge, aim, regulate temperature ... or do some other thing.
This ship type may well have been mostly phased-out before the events of the TV series.

👍 2516

Sketchbook - Space Precinct Blaster 2019.08.02

Had this outline of a Space Precinct / Bladerunner style weapon lying around for a long time and, after I did a re-watch of Space Precinct the other week, I finished it.

👍 2559

Sketchbook - Tricorder 2019.07.20

👍 2642

Star Trek Starships 2019.06.02

Left to right, counter-clockwise:
 - Miranda class USS Antares
 - Akira class USS Thunderchild
 - Sydney class USS Jenolen
 - Springfield class USS Chekov

👍 2577

Star Fleet - Ohtagakiyasuo Dai-X Fan Art 2019.05.27

Dai-X (best robot) by ohtagakiyasuo

👍 2657

Star Fleet - Blu-ray Images 2019.05.25

Found some images of the Star Fleet blu-ray,
Good how they used the aqua colour from X-Bomber the Game's default HUD for the menu.

👍 2593

Star Fleet - Big Fan Art Twitter Haul 2019.05.24

Japanese twitter is a total goldmine for X Bomber fan art.
That is about twitter's only use.

👍 2580

New L1 and 2 Screenshots 2019.05.22

👍 2600

L16 Boss Screenshots 2019.05.10

Now that the only challenge at work is to annoy people to the absolute maximum extent possible without getting fired, that liberates the necessary resources to resume work on an old project!

👍 2542

Terrahawks - Japanese Battlehawk 2019.03.24

Oh look, the Japanese got to drawing the battlehawk.
And surprise, surprise - it's way cooler than the original.

👍 2602

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