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Sketchbook - Tricorder 2019.07.20

👍 3641

Star Trek Starships 2019.06.02

Left to right, counter-clockwise:
 - Miranda class USS Antares
 - Akira class USS Thunderchild
 - Sydney class USS Jenolen
 - Springfield class USS Chekov

👍 3588

Star Fleet - Ohtagakiyasuo Dai-X Fan Art 2019.05.27

Dai-X (best robot) by ohtagakiyasuo

👍 3686

Star Fleet - Big Fan Art Twitter Haul 2019.05.24

Japanese twitter is a total goldmine for X Bomber fan art.
That is about twitter's only use.

👍 3558

New L1 and 2 Screenshots 2019.05.22

👍 3634

L16 Boss Screenshots 2019.05.10

Now that the only challenge at work is to annoy people to the absolute maximum extent possible without getting fired, that liberates the necessary resources to resume work on an old project!

👍 3605

Terrahawks - Japanese Battlehawk 2019.03.24

Oh look, the Japanese got to drawing the battlehawk.
And surprise, surprise - it's way cooler than the original.

👍 3636

Sketchbook - USS Rothbury 2019.03.23

👍 3629

Sketchbook - USS Turanza 2019.03.09

Found this old drawing when I was clearing things out.
It was just an outline of a runabout that I did at school so I sat down this week with my sharpies and a few other things that make lines on paper and filled in the details.

👍 3661

Dai-X Special Weapons 2019.02.18

I did these while I was looking after Dominique's display at the Alnmouth art festival last summer.
The giant robot that mounts these weapons is about 80m tall.
So a single grenade can be the size of a small car.

👍 3716

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