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Star Fleet Saturday 9 2019.10.18

Thanks very much to BladeZ for arranging for me to share my Star Fleet updates on Star Fleet a.k.a. X-Bomber a.k.a. Ekkusu Bonbā Facebook page...

Thanks to Pete Clarke for helping me to decide on the subject of this week's Star Fleet (nearly) Saturday.  :D

I'd seen these images of a poster from Starlog magazine before, but Re93679621 re-tweeted them recently for the 39th anniversary of X Bomber airing in Japan this month.

👍 5691

Century 21 Slough 2019.10.12

I got my Century 21 Slough blu-ray the-week-before-last, but it took me until now to sit down and watch it.
It was interesting and emotional to see the last of the Thunderbirds studio before it was taken down.
In case any Gerry Anderson fans were unsure about what to expect, I put some screengrabs up on 

👍 2625

Star Fleet Saturday 8 2019.10.11

Star Fleet (nearly) Saturday, again!

A lot of people that own the Takotoku Blitzkrieg Dai-X don't know that, aside from the below big Dai-X poster, in the box, under the plastic tray, is a bigger X Bomber wall calendar for the year 1981:

👍 4710

Star Fleet Saturday 7 2019.10.04

Star Fleet (Nearly) Saturday ...
On this date, 39 years ago, X Bomber was first broadcast in Japan ... :)

I saw that Yaco uploaded a photo of a X Bomber manga that I have seen before, uploaded by farfa09 (but in blue ink this time).
He was saying that, in the series, the Dai-X didn't have the ability to detach its X-shaped mask and use it as a weapon.
For my money, it can have been there all along, but the ideal usage scenario just didn't occur.

👍 2618

Star Fleet Saturday 6 2019.09.27

Star Fleet (nearly) Saturday
I found some good Star Fleet illustrations by a guy called Grim1978 when I was looking for some reference images of PPA ...

👍 2552

Sketchbook - PPA 2019.09.26

Who recognises this little fella?
And no, I didn't do the outline; just coloured it in with sharpies, weathered him a bit with an HB pencil and then faffed on with him a bit in Photoshop.

👍 2575

Star Fleet Saturday 5 2019.09.20

Star Fleet (Nearly) Saturday - Fan Artwork Edition

👍 2609

Golden Lancers 2019.09.17

"Delta Squad is in yo' house, b***!"

👍 2560

Star Fleet Saturday 4 2019.09.14

Here's a scan by misorahikaru on twitter of one of the Showa books.
The condition of mine wasn't bad for something 40 years old but this one is better.

👍 2565

Wingblade Booster / Robot 2019.09.11

It might get implemented in the game ... someday.

infact at the NERG, they had a nice little title on one of the consoles where the player flew the fighter ship and his wingman was an NPC flying robot that would attack the enemy from-time-to-time.

👍 2593

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