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Star Fleet - Dai-X Illustrations 2019.08.17

Apparently, these Dai-X illustrations were published in Japan's 'Televi-kun' magazine in March 1981.

👍 842

Star Fleet - Showa Sketchbook 2 2019.08.16

Here is, apparently, the other version of the Japanese X Bomber sketchbook that I have.
Unfortunately, with Rinkya, you can at least double the buyout price when you take into account commission, fees and international shipping.
And that's even before you get to import duty / VAT / UK shipping.
And people wonder why I never have any money... :D

👍 1156

Star Fleet - Japanese Raygun 2019.08.15

I didn't know that there was an X Bomber raygun sold in Japan.  :D
It's hardly an exact copy of the ones from the show but it looks quite a bit like it.

👍 794

Sketchbook - Shadow Stand-off Vessel 2019.08.03

When I was rummaging, I found a little outline of what I guess was a ship based on the Shadow vessels from Babylon 5.

I sharpied and shaded it a bit, stuck it through the V750 Pro.

My idea for it is that, while the Shadow 'battlecrab' is the great all-rounder, this ship fires more accurately over great distances but is vulnerable at close-quarters, lacking much agility or short-range defence.
The blue-green bits presumably help the two weapons to charge, aim, regulate temperature ... or do some other thing.
This ship type may well have been mostly phased-out before the events of the TV series.

👍 810

Sketchbook - Space Precinct Blaster 2019.08.02

Had this outline of a Space Precinct / Bladerunner style weapon lying around for a long time and, after I did a re-watch of Space Precinct the other week, I finished it.

👍 822

Sketchbook - Tricorder 2019.07.20

👍 842

Star Trek Starships 2019.06.02

Left to right, counter-clockwise:
 - Miranda class USS Antares
 - Akira class USS Thunderchild
 - Sydney class USS Jenolen
 - Springfield class USS Chekov

👍 813

Star Fleet - Ohtagakiyasuo Dai-X Fan Art 2019.05.27

Dai-X (best robot) by ohtagakiyasuo

👍 835

Star Fleet - Blu-ray Images 2019.05.25

Found some images of the Star Fleet blu-ray,
Good how they used the aqua colour from X-Bomber the Game's default HUD for the menu.

👍 821

Star Fleet - Big Fan Art Twitter Haul 2019.05.24

Japanese twitter is a total goldmine for X Bomber fan art.
That is about twitter's only use.

👍 801

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