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Star Fleet Saturday 9 2019.10.18

Thanks very much to BladeZ for arranging for me to share my Star Fleet updates on Star Fleet a.k.a. X-Bomber a.k.a. Ekkusu Bonbā Facebook page...

Thanks to Pete Clarke for helping me to decide on the subject of this week's Star Fleet (nearly) Saturday.  :D

I'd seen these images of a poster from Starlog magazine before, but Re93679621 re-tweeted them recently for the 39th anniversary of X Bomber airing in Japan this month.

👍 8632

Star Fleet Saturday 8 2019.10.11

Star Fleet (nearly) Saturday, again!

A lot of people that own the Takotoku Blitzkrieg Dai-X don't know that, aside from the below big Dai-X poster, in the box, under the plastic tray, is a bigger X Bomber wall calendar for the year 1981:

👍 7214

Star Fleet Saturday 7 2019.10.04

Star Fleet (Nearly) Saturday ...
On this date, 39 years ago, X Bomber was first broadcast in Japan ... :)

I saw that Yaco uploaded a photo of a X Bomber manga that I have seen before, uploaded by farfa09 (but in blue ink this time).
He was saying that, in the series, the Dai-X didn't have the ability to detach its X-shaped mask and use it as a weapon.
For my money, it can have been there all along, but the ideal usage scenario just didn't occur.

👍 3562

Star Fleet Saturday 6 2019.09.27

Star Fleet (nearly) Saturday
I found some good Star Fleet illustrations by a guy called Grim1978 when I was looking for some reference images of PPA ...

👍 3535

Sketchbook - PPA 2019.09.26

Who recognises this little fella?
And no, I didn't do the outline; just coloured it in with sharpies, weathered him a bit with an HB pencil and then faffed on with him a bit in Photoshop.

👍 3569

Star Fleet Saturday 5 2019.09.20

Star Fleet (Nearly) Saturday - Fan Artwork Edition

👍 3620

Golden Lancers 2019.09.17

"Delta Squad is in yo' house, b***!"

👍 3536

Star Fleet Saturday 4 2019.09.14

Here's a scan by misorahikaru on twitter of one of the Showa books.
The condition of mine wasn't bad for something 40 years old but this one is better.

👍 3542

Wingblade Booster / Robot 2019.09.11

It might get implemented in the game ... someday.

infact at the NERG, they had a nice little title on one of the consoles where the player flew the fighter ship and his wingman was an NPC flying robot that would attack the enemy from-time-to-time.

👍 3570

Star Fleet Saturday 3 2019.09.07

Star Fleet Saturday;
The prolific collector; Yaco has been busy on twitter again.

👍 3542

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