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Golden Lancers 2019.09.17

"Delta Squad is in yo' house, b***!"

👍 859

Star Fleet Saturday 4 2019.09.14

Here's a scan by misorahikaru on twitter of one of the Showa books.
The condition of mine wasn't bad for something 40 years old but this one is better.

👍 865

Wingblade Booster / Robot 2019.09.11

It might get implemented in the game ... someday.

infact at the NERG, they had a nice little title on one of the consoles where the player flew the fighter ship and his wingman was an NPC flying robot that would attack the enemy from-time-to-time.

👍 893

Star Fleet Saturday 3 2019.09.07

Star Fleet Saturday;
The prolific collector; Yaco has been busy on twitter again.

👍 862

New L15 and 16 Screenshots 2019.09.06

👍 850

Star Fleet Saturday 2 2019.08.31

Star Fleet Saturday!
I haven't seen these exact photos of Dai-X before I found them on Japanese twitter.
Apparently, they featured on a photocard that came with a Japanese magazine publication around when the show was made.

👍 861

Star Fleet Saturday 01 2019.08.24

I loathe using Pinterest, but today it served up some great X Bomber fan artwork.
!!! Happy Star Fleet Saturday !!!

👍 850

Sketchbook - Marina 2019.08.21

Marina from Stingray
I wanted to try doing this for quite a long time but never got around to it.
It was quite a tricky one but, I guess it worked out OK in the end.

👍 826

Star Fleet - Soundtrack Photos 2019.08.20

Star Fleet / X Bomber supply drop, courtesy of Japanese Twitter :D

👍 824

Sketchbook - Thunderbird 2 2019.08.18

If it's going to be a rescue, it needs to be an ...
2019.08.18 | 14:46

2's the green one, amirite?

👍 845

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