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Sketchbook - Tactical Miranda Oblique 2 2019.12.21

Here's another view of the tactical Miranda.

I found the two outlines drawn on either side of a single page, for this little Miranda class battlewagon.

Now, if you wanna use markers to vamp up the outlines, then you're gonna destroy whatever's on the opposite side.
One answer to that, was to scan them on the V750 (which totally ignores even heavy lines on the other side of the page), print them in borderless 'photo quality' from photoshop.  (The printer didn't do that great a job of matching the colours).
After that, you have the two outlines separated out, and you can faff on with them to the extent that you want, before scanning them *again* and 'doing the needful' in photoshop.

👍 2487

Sketchbook - Tactical Miranda Oblique 1 2019.12.17

Idea is: It's a ship wrecked and recovered from Wolf 359.
During its rebuild, it gets piled high with TNG-era firepower.

👍 2491

Star Fleet Saturday 15 2019.12.07

Star Fleet Saturday!
It's not as often that you get Star Fleet-related fan-made models and sculptures, but I found some new images of Prince Allion's Imperial Master statue.
A while ago, he also did a really good illustration of Makara.
A very talented chap ... Anyway, you can find out more here:

👍 2544

Space Precinct Soundtrack 2019.12.05

There are ... FOUR ... DISCS!

👍 2486

Star Fleet Saturday 14-2 - Dacotu 2019.11.29

Star Fleet (nearly) Saturday ...
Here's a nice papercraft X-Bomber from Japan by a fella called Dacotu.

I upped the PDF template to:

👍 2510

Sketchbook - Epsilon Berth 2019.11.26

An abandoned alien facility that gets re-appropriated and put to a useful purpose.

👍 2523

Star Fleet Saturday 14 2019.11.23

Star Fleet Saturday is a bit later than normal this week ...

This illustration is from a chap on deviantArt called bordon.

It's interesting how, nearly 40 years on, Star Fleet is still informing peoples' designs for characters and other things.

👍 2498

Sketchbook - Nautilus 2019.11.22

Gonna need a bigger boat?  Here it is … :D

- Idea here was to have a 'floating fortress' big brother to Stingray that can defend underwater habitats and cities indefinitely (or demolish one).

👍 2516

Sketchbook - Razor Class 2019.11.20

From my pile of unfinished stuff...
(When I dug it out, it only had one warp engine drawn).

I think the idea was that it was one giant warp drive (and not much else); able to get wherever it was needed in the shortest space of time.

I have an alternative version in the Sketchbook:

👍 2487

Black Box 2019.11.16

Eventually got my Black Box into position, the other week

This album is really good.

👍 2512

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