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Sketchbook - Razor Class 2019.11.20

From my pile of unfinished stuff...
(When I dug it out, it only had one warp engine drawn).

I think the idea was that it was one giant warp drive (and not much else); able to get wherever it was needed in the shortest space of time.

I have an alternative version in the Sketchbook:

👍 3423

Black Box 2019.11.16

Eventually got my Black Box into position, the other week

This album is really good.

👍 3478

Sketchbook - SHADO Hornet 2019.11.10

I drew this a *long* time ago,.
I think the idea was to draw a spaceplane that subsumed the functions of both the Shado Sky aircraft and the lunar interceptors.
These were launched from underground hangars, or from orbiting space stations; one of which resembling a giant revolver with six hangars in a carousel that rotated to provide the spacecraft access to an electromagnetic launch catapult.

👍 3514

Dai-X Fighters Illustration Revisited 2019.11.09

I uploaded this a long time ago but it wasn't quite finished.  It's been years but I finally got back to it and finished it.

👍 3582

Star Fleet Saturday 12 2019.11.09

Welcome back to Star Fleet (actually) Saturday,
I said last week that we would have some artwork.  I've shared some of Grim1978's illustrations in the past and now he has some more:
 - Angel of Death
 - Who Will Come and Save Us Now?

👍 3555

Star Fleet Saturday 11 2019.11.01

Star Fleet (nearly) Saturday ...
Here are some colourful photos from Star Fleet collector; Yaco. :)
Next week, we're gonna have some artwork.

👍 3558

Revisited Sketches 1 2019.10.27

I had a bit of free time last weekend and I went through my old sketches folder and re-worked some of them a bit.
I have a few more on the way, including some new ones. :)

👍 3557

Star Fleet Saturday 10 2019.10.25

Star Fleet (nearly) Saturday
Here are some more manga pages uploaded by farfa09.

I saw that the resolution of these new uploads was significantly higher than what we had on xbomber.co.uk before :)

If anyone knows any more about these than what little's available on the site, I'd love to know.

👍 3498

Star Fleet Blu-ray 2019.10.20

The Star Fleet blu-ray arrived this week.  It's been out a while but, for various reasons, I didn't order it until recently.

Both UK and Japanese versions of the show are present on the disc.
Not only is the Japanese version of the series nicely subtitled; (including a 25th episode that was never adapted for a western audience), but so too is the 'preview show' short pilot episode.  :)

👍 3489

Recoil - BFT II 2019.10.19

Recoil; one of my all-time favourite games

Find the original, plus a load of other doodles here:

👍 3479

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