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Star Fleet Saturday 19 2020.02.08

Star Fleet Saturday comes around again (albeit intermittently)...
I received this X Bomber sketchbook from Japan a while ago and I did promise that I would do a nice big scan of it once it arrived.

This sketchbook is a little smaller than I expected.  The blue one that I have is nearly A3 and this one is a tiny bit bigger than A4.
It took a bit of scanning; meaning that I scanned all four corners and photomerged them to capture the entire area without the ring binding.

The cover illustration has retained its colours very well, considering that it's 40 years old but still seemed to have faded slightly.
I created three outputs with varying levels of colour restoration, ranging from full, partial and none-whatsoever (apart from what the V750 may have taken upon itself to do based on the preview scan), in the order that you see below.

You can find the original JPEG outputs here, along with all the rest of my much-beloved Showa stuff:

👍 2461

Sketchbook - Black Widow v1 2020.01.19

This is an experimental little ship that has the emphasis on speed, durability, firepower, in that order, (and nothing else).

I had this old drawing that was done with one of those soft graphite sticks but it was lacking a bit in detail.
So I added some panel lines with the sharpie and used one of the blue Staedler plastic erasers to clear away the graphite and create some highlights.

When I scanned it, it created an accurate rendering of the illustration but it looked a lot lighter on the screen than what I had in mind when I drew it, so there was quite a lot of faffing about with the levels in Photoshop needed.

👍 2467

Star Fleet Saturday 18 2020.01.18

Star Fleet Saturday comes around again...

This is 'Lamia and Makara' from the deviantArtist; hardbodies.
I like it that, even in 2019, people have been working away on fan illustrations based on Star Fleet.

Only question in my mind... In the words of Commander Riker: "One, or both?" 🤔

👍 2483

Star Fleet Saturday 17 2020.01.11

Star Fleet Saturday comes around again ...
Twitter user; rgm79kunio has a Dai-X, converted from 1:144 HGUC Gundam kits ...
While toytonyleung has a cool lineup of Star Fleet sofubi or vinyl characters.

👍 2493

Terrahawks - Blueprints 2020.01.06

Well, as you can see, this set of blueprints cost £4.95 back in 1983, but to get a set now costs you quite a bit more.

Thanks Dominique for getting me these.

Before someone asks, I'm not scanning all 6x ~A2 images.  Think how long that'd take to stitch in Photoshop.

Anyway, the accompanying materials are uploaded here:

👍 2470

Infinity Magazine Article 2020.01.05

Infinity Magazine - SFXB Forum

I learned from SFXB's Andy T that Infinity Magazine have quite a few pages on Star Fleet in their current issue (24).
It also has a cool double-page poster of the battlecruiser and X-Bomber.

You don't have to go out looking for it at the newsagents.  You can just order it from their site, or do what I did, which was: download the electronic version.

👍 4626

Star Fleet Saturday 16 2020.01.04

Here comes Star Fleet Saturday again ...
I came across a few images of the French comic books that I (at least) hadn't seen before.

They raised two questions in my mind:
1. why the owner decided to photograph them on top of a pile of wood
2. what those magenta enemy ships are - They never appeared in the series.

👍 2528

Games - Operation Matriarchy 2 2019.12.29

Completed Operation: Matriarchy; screenies uploaded here :)
And now we finally know where all those school lunches came from.

👍 2434

Star Trek Starships - Emmette 2019.12.28

Thanks to my David and Linda for getting me the Emmette! 
It completes my line-up of the OV-165 spaceplane and the two 'warp delta' ships.

👍 2436

Games - Operation Matriarchy 1 2019.12.26

Now, this is what a game menu should look like; no achievements, no unlockables, no downloadable content - or any other horses***.
I have it on good authority that this is the upcoming version of OnCommand Unified Manager for Clustered Data ONTAP.
Oh look, it's my desk at work.
Having a wild time with Operation Matriarchy,
I have wanted to play this game for … *years*.

This is the last game ever produced by the Russian studio MADIA, in 2005.

I don't know how Danielle and Dave got a sealed, boxed copy after all this time but … there we go.

I got it ticking under Windows 10 and it is running great now.
The gameplay is really smooth, the visuals and physics are fantastic for its age.  The music and weapons are really excellent too.

👍 2518

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