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Babylon 5: Into the Fire Soundtrack 2020.03.04

A while ago, I put up a link to some of Christopher Franke's music from the never-released Babylon 5 game; Into the Fire.
Now, of course, the user that uploaded them disappeared from YouTube, along with all of his videos.

I had a several-week trek around quite a few Bab5 sites and forums but eventually the aptly-named user; baylonfan on B5TV.com helped me out.
You can download all 5x 11-minute tracks from here:

👍 7275

Snub Pistol 2020.03.01

I spent a slightly hair-raising few hours this week trying to bring Emilee; my triforce Gears of War pistol back to a more presentable condition after its accident in December.
I went at it with some model glue, the metallic t-cut for my Forester and a GM20 gundam oil marker.
It's not perfect because a lot of the cracks in the polystone were quite complex but it's a damn side sweeter than paying $2,000 (!!!) + shipping + duty for a mint boxed replacement.
2019.12.22 | 19:00:

My Gears of War snub pistol; Emilee (it had a name) somehow dropped off its shelf and landed on my desk this morning.
It is now in significantly-less-than mint condition and all the suppliers are dry on stock and I can't seem to find a replacement anywhere.
If anyone has any idea where I might dig up a mint boxed Triforce snub pistol, maybe you could shoot me a quick message.

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Thunder in Paradise - New DVDs 2020.02.27

I had 4 discs burned from TV-recorded VHS of Thunder in Paradise; which is simultaneously the best and worst television show in the whole of the world.
I left them sitting on my desk and they completely bleached with the light so that none of my drives could read them.

Anyway, the ioffer website where I got them disappeared and I found reliablemediastore.com who were true to their name.
It seems to be from the same VHS source because it includes all the network "coming next" segments, which had great extended music.

Best TV show
Worst TV show
... in the world

Anyway, this time I'm backing it up to hard disk.

👍 7065

Martin Bower's World of Models 2020.02.22

Best kind of book; over 310 pages ... full of pictures :)

If you've ever seen Space 1999, Blake's 7, Alien, Outland or Terrahawks, then this is the book for you.

👍 3458

Star Fleet Saturday 21 2020.02.21

Somewhere in the world, it's already Star Fleet Saturday … :)
Here is Matsukami's astonishing model of the Alliance Battlecruiser.

This project was started in October 2016 and completed this year.  You can find out more about the process on the SFXB Forum:

I pulled together all the images here:

The model is huge and features a mirror on its base to display the details on its underside.
I really liked what Matsukami said about how he overcame the difficulties in making it:
"Many hours spent in this hobby, many going back because the result did not suit me. But at no time did I discourage myself, I had faith."

👍 3464

Sketchbook - Black Widow v1 2020.01.19

This is an experimental little ship that has the emphasis on speed, durability, firepower, in that order, (and nothing else).

I had this old drawing that was done with one of those soft graphite sticks but it was lacking a bit in detail.
So I added some panel lines with the sharpie and used one of the blue Staedler plastic erasers to clear away the graphite and create some highlights.

When I scanned it, it created an accurate rendering of the illustration but it looked a lot lighter on the screen than what I had in mind when I drew it, so there was quite a lot of faffing about with the levels in Photoshop needed.

👍 3376

Star Fleet Saturday 18 2020.01.18

Star Fleet Saturday comes around again...

This is 'Lamia and Makara' from the deviantArtist; hardbodies.
I like it that, even in 2019, people have been working away on fan illustrations based on Star Fleet.

Only question in my mind... In the words of Commander Riker: "One, or both?" 🤔

👍 3429

Star Fleet Saturday 17 2020.01.11

Star Fleet Saturday comes around again ...
Twitter user; rgm79kunio has a Dai-X, converted from 1:144 HGUC Gundam kits ...
While toytonyleung has a cool lineup of Star Fleet sofubi or vinyl characters.

👍 3419

Infinity Magazine Article 2020.01.05

Infinity Magazine - SFXB Forum

I learned from SFXB's Andy T that Infinity Magazine have quite a few pages on Star Fleet in their current issue (24).
It also has a cool double-page poster of the battlecruiser and X-Bomber.

You don't have to go out looking for it at the newsagents.  You can just order it from their site, or do what I did, which was: download the electronic version.

👍 6926

Games - Operation Matriarchy 2 2019.12.29

Completed Operation: Matriarchy; screenies uploaded here :)
And now we finally know where all those school lunches came from.

👍 3386

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