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Dai-X Booster Prototype 2020.03.30

Here's an old outline of an early layout for the Dai-X's booster in X-Bomber the Game.
I shaded it and gave it some more greebles.

👍 3579

Star Fleet Saturday 26 2020.03.27

People may well have come across these photos of this Japanese Starlog magazine poster, featuring, well,  pretty-much-everything from the show ...

I used to think that this was from a separate issue of the magazine to the black-and-white Dai-X cutaway, but reading between the lines on these tweets from Re93679621 makes me think that this might've been the opposite side of the same poster, or at least included in the same issue.


If any Star Fleet fans know any more about it, give me a shout in the comments.
Anyway, you can see a lot of scans that I've accumulated from different places of the Starlog and Televi magazine features at:

👍 7185

Sketchbook - PADD 2020.03.27

When I was clearing out my old rubbish, I found the PADD that I made when TNG was on BBC2 back in the 90s.
I did the graphics in a publishing package by Sierra that we had on a Win 95 toaster.  It got printed on photocard and wrapped around ... a small chopping board or something that had the right rounded corners.
What I had for reference was a TNG trading card with a fuzzy photo of the prop since ... there was no internet.
Anyway, it was kinda-not-in-great-shape-anymore so it got binned, but not before I fed it thru the V750 Pro and fixed it a bit in Photoshop.

👍 3448

Thunder in Paradise - Disc 2 Screenshots 2020.03.25

Been nearly 48hrs since I spammed people with Thunder in Paradise screenies. This time, it's disc 2:

👍 3433

Games - Terminal Velocity 2020.03.24

For my walkthrough of Terminal Velocity; forerunner of Fury3, I wanted screenshots from the game's cutscenes.
Unfortunately, unlike Fury3, whose cutscenes are in AVI format, TV has video files which I can't open in any application other than the game itself.

So I found a great application called Screenshotter, which generates timed-interval screengrabs in a range of image formats. You can have it capture a specific monitor or even a specific window.  It also has a logic that suspends the capture when it senses that less than a certain number of pixels since the last capture.

I let this thing run while I triggered off the cutscenes one-after-another from the game's hidden video interface menu.

👍 3435

Thunder in Paradise - Disc 1 Screenshots 2020.03.24

I'm building quite a big new section on xbomber.co.uk to inflict as much Thunder in Paradise on as many people as possible.
Here are a few edited highlights of the screenshots from disc 1 of the series: http://www.xbomber.co.uk/?dir=Other%2FTV+Shows+-+Thunder+in+Paradise%2FReliable+Media+-+Disc+1

👍 3463

Sketchbook - Epsilon Berth 2 2020.03.22

I put up an illustration of this space outpost a few months ago,
Since then, I found another old outline of it from a different angle, which I worked on a little bit in terms of shading and Photoshop.

👍 3499

Phase Pistol 2020.03.18

Watched Star Trek: Enterprise a little while ago...  This may not be a popular opinion but I thought it was a good series of Star Trek, albeit with a few rather annoying problems.
It was action-packed and the tone was at least sufficiently idealistic that it felt like a believable half-way point between the modern day and the 23rd Century.

Anyway, around that same time, I pulled out an old art asylum phase pistol (they blew one of these up as a prop in the show, to illustrate the overload feature without destroying an original prop).

They made the muzzle bright orange on these, which totally killed any sense of realism, so I took some Gundam paint and oil markers to colour the muzzle silver, colour the pins at the front bronze where the top cover hinges, and weather and dirty it down, so that it looked a bit more credible.

👍 3498

Star Fleet Saturday 24 2020.03.13

It's nearly Saturday, and that means ... Well, you know what that means.  :D

This week, I found a great illustration of Makara by artist HATE73 on DeviantArt.  
I like how it makes the character look more human/realistic but it still captures everything about the original.

👍 3481

Star Fleet Saturday 23 2020.03.07

Today is Star Fleet and that means Saturday!
No, wait, that's not quite right.
Anyway, here is a very impressive and quite recent illustration from Dave Kennedy that I found a little while ago on tumblr, (I think).

👍 3648

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