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Star Fleet Saturday 28 2020.04.10

For the *Easter Weekend Star Fleet Saturday*, following on from ... *Good Friday*, we at least need something pretty decent ...

Now, Masami Watanabe was not messing about when he created this double-page illustration for the February 1981 edition of Televi-Kun magazine.

This was uploaded by twitter user; sousai_h ...  
Can't believe I'd never seen this image until the other week.

👍 3442

v0.84e Update 1 2020.04.08

It may amaze many, including myself, but I am back to working on X-Bomber the Game.

As you can see, this time, I let the X-Bomber ship do most of the playtesting.

The last 3 evenings, I have been working on 3 new sections of the last level; the Space Fortress:
 - Cargo block exchange (graphics upgraded, pictured)
 - Drone storage hall
 - 'Deathballs on rails'
The logic for the attack drone launchers was a bit of a challenge until I found a way to cheat it.

I also did a bit of work on the L16 main boss sprite, enemy weapons sprites and raked out and streamlined the logic for object ordering, plus a few other little things.

The plan here is to put an update up every Wednesday and I want to see if I can provide a new release by the end of the month.

👍 3495

v0.84e Restarting ... 2020.04.06

The Dai-X is getting back to action.  😃

👍 3502

Thunderbirds 1965 - Screenshots 3 2020.04.06

Here are some screenies from the last of the three episodes from Thunderbirds 1965; The Stately Homes Robberies.
I thought the auto-bomb was a nice throwback to Trapped in the Sky and it was good to see Thunderbird 4 in action again.

👍 3563

Thunder in Paradise - Disc 4 Screenshots 2020.04.05

Here are some 'highlights' from disc 4 of Thunder in Paradise.
In these episodes, the boat gets used to:
 - blow up most of the Cuban coastline,
 - protect some marine wildlife
 - and capture a hilarious South American drug dealer

👍 3410

Star Fleet Saturday 27 2020.04.03

It's time for Star Fleet Saturday!

A lot of the cool indexing sites that I was using to hunt for Star Fleet material have recently disappeared or closed down.
I was hoping that they'd come back but they haven't. 🙁

Anyway, in the words of John Travolta: "When all else fails ... fresh tactics!"

Here's a really cool (and recent) bit of artwork by twitter user: opera_box5, featuring Lamia, Shiro and an even-better-than-the-original version of Captain Carter.

👍 3410

Thunderbirds 1965 - Screenshots 2 2020.04.03

Here are a couple of screenies from the second episode on the TB65 disc; The Abominable Snowman...

This episode reinforced two things for me;
1. The best thing for putting out fires is high explosives.
2. If you can't figure out how to shut it down, empty the whole magazine into it.

👍 3444

Thunder in Paradise - Disc 3 Screenshots 2020.04.02

"Baby, that's when I wanna hear!  .. Thunder, whoa-oh-oh! ... Thunder in Paradise!"
Disc 3/5

👍 3439

Thunderbirds 1965 - Screenshots 1 2020.04.01

Xilisoft is not happy with the encryption algorithm on this Thunderbirds 1965 Blu-ray, but that doesn't mean that we're not doin' it :D ...

👍 3408

Sketchbook - Firestorm Combat Cruiser 2020.04.01

I doodled the combat cruiser from Gerry Anderson's Firestorm on a post it note.
It turned out okay so I shoved it through Photoshop.

👍 3442

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