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Make Iron Man Great Again. 2020.07.07

I got yo' PPE right here.  😃

👍 2970

Napalm Cannon and Black Hole Bomb 2020.07.06

Got around to making some improvements to level 16; improved the drone hall and object ordering.
Gonna see if we can do something cool with Dai-X's black hole bomb for v0.84g; shoulder-mounted launchers with turret guns.

👍 3429

Star Fleet Saturday 40 2020.07.03

I see that a few people are working on X Bomber models.
The card model by Twitter user; die_job_death has real good proportions.
I think this is the same guy that did the amazing papercraft Dai-X:

The 3D print is by deviantart user; tbaile2665 and you can see the finished result on twitter.

I quite often get emails enquiring where to get an X Bomber model.  This might be quite a good lead to follow.

👍 3392

X-Bomber v0.84g - Update 2 2020.07.02

For X-Bomber's level 16, I went back and improved the black cloud layer that acts as a transition between the normal space environment and the exterior of the space fortress.  
In the show, the fortress seems to be located inside a thick black cloud, originally, and I thought it'd be good if the fortress released a smokescreen, a bit like an octopus, that you fly through before you reach it.
The way it transitions now looks better.

I also made the 5-tube missile launcher for the space fortress exterior.  I made the launcher rotate inside its enclosure as it fires.  I'm not sure what possible advantage that would give in real life ;) but it made it look cooler.

The only thing left there is to make the launcher for the energy webs that the fortress fired in the show.

👍 3386

Dai-X Booster Prototype 2 2020.06.27

There was no update on X-Bomber the Game on Wednesday, because this week was a bit full-on.
I did have some luck running an old illustration of the THOR booster for Dai-X through Photoshop the other weekend.  It came out quite a bit better than before...

👍 3473

Star Fleet Saturday 39 2020.06.26

Since there's still *loads* of Star Fleet fan art, recently, here's another one...
This is one of my recent favourites by a Japanese artist called Dark Crystal / marine_darkcrys

👍 6698

Updated Sketches 2 2020.06.23

Here's the minisub from level 11 ...
If you call an airstrike during the underwater stage, these are what show up.
... as well as the Andy Thomas patented X-Fighter.

👍 3374

Sketchbook - Lawbreaker 2020.06.20

I was 100% sure that this drawing had been lost or thrown out.

This was supposed to be a half-way point between a modern firearm and the Justice Department's weapon-for-all seasons; the Lawgiver.

👍 3371

Level 14 Boss 2020.06.20

[ Replying to Radisa ... ] 
Yes, the level 14 boss is, for me, the toughest boss in the game.
The weapons that I find work best against it are:

 - ADEN cannons ***
 - Plasma cannons ***
 - EM napalm ***
 - Scalar mass driver ***
 - Positron blaster ***
 - Laser sabre **
 - ODIN booster ***
 - WingBlade ***
 - Plasma grenades ***
 - DRAGOON pack **
 - Quantum blaster **
 - THOR booster ***

👍 3369

Star Fleet Saturday 38 2020.06.19

You know, I've got so much material for Star Fleet Saturday, it's hard to know what to choose at the moment.  I think, with people working from home more, it's meant a big uptick in fan artwork (especially from Japan) based on this 40-year-old TV show...

So, here is an illustration in a really nice style of everyone's favourite villainess.  This is from twitter user "g0sgtfnxejzibvj".

👍 6913

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