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Thunder in Paradise - New DVDs

avatar Crash
I had 4 discs burned from TV-recorded VHS of Thunder in Paradise; which is simultaneously the best and worst television show in the whole of the world.
I left them sitting on my desk and they completely bleached with the light so that none of my drives could read them.

Anyway, the ioffer website where I got them disappeared and I found reliablemediastore.com who were true to their name.
It seems to be from the same VHS source because it includes all the network "coming next" segments, which had great extended music.

Best TV show
Worst TV show
... in the world

Anyway, this time I'm backing it up to hard disk.
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Martin Bower's World of Models

avatar Crash

Best kind of book; over 310 pages ... full of pictures :)

If you've ever seen Space 1999, Blake's 7, Alien, Outland or Terrahawks, then this is the book for you.
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Sketchbook - Black Widow v1

avatar Crash

This is an experimental little ship that has the emphasis on speed, durability, firepower, in that order, (and nothing else).

I had this old drawing that was done with one of those soft graphite sticks but it was lacking a bit in detail.
So I added some panel lines with the sharpie and used one of the blue Staedler plastic erasers to clear away the graphite and create some highlights.

When I scanned it, it created an accurate rendering of the illustration but it looked a lot lighter on the screen than what I had in mind when I drew it, so there was quite a lot of faffing about with the levels in Photoshop needed.
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Star Trek Starships - Emmette

avatar Crash

Thanks to my David and Linda for getting me the Emmette! 
It completes my line-up of the OV-165 spaceplane and the two 'warp delta' ships.
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Sketchbook - Tactical Miranda Oblique 2

avatar Crash

Here's another view of the tactical Miranda.

I found the two outlines drawn on either side of a single page, for this little Miranda class battlewagon.

Now, if you wanna use markers to vamp up the outlines, then you're gonna destroy whatever's on the opposite side.
One answer to that, was to scan them on the V750 (which totally ignores even heavy lines on the other side of the page), print them in borderless 'photo quality' from photoshop.  (The printer didn't do that great a job of matching the colours).
After that, you have the two outlines separated out, and you can faff on with them to the extent that you want, before scanning them *again* and 'doing the needful' in photoshop.
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Sketchbook - Tactical Miranda Oblique 1

avatar Crash

Idea is: It's a ship wrecked and recovered from Wolf 359.
During its rebuild, it gets piled high with TNG-era firepower.
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Space Precinct Soundtrack

avatar Crash
There are ... FOUR ... DISCS!
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Sketchbook - SHADO Hornet

avatar Crash

I drew this a *long* time ago,.
I think the idea was to draw a spaceplane that subsumed the functions of both the Shado Sky aircraft and the lunar interceptors.
These were launched from underground hangars, or from orbiting space stations; one of which resembling a giant revolver with six hangars in a carousel that rotated to provide the spacecraft access to an electromagnetic launch catapult.
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Dai-X Fighters Illustration Revisited

avatar Crash

I uploaded this a long time ago but it wasn't quite finished.  It's been years but I finally got back to it and finished it.
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Revisited Sketches 1

avatar Crash
I had a bit of free time last weekend and I went through my old sketches folder and re-worked some of them a bit.
I have a few more on the way, including some new ones. :)
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