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Current Version

Version Name Download File Size Release Date Release Notes
v0.84i 277 MB 2023.10.14

Previous 0.84 Versions

So far, v0.84 releases have focussed on adding further features, improving graphics and gameplay.
A number of improvements have also been made to existing missions.

v0.84h 274 MB 2022.10.08
v0.84g 241 MB 2022.05.20
v0.84f 262 MB 2020.06.11
v0.84e 256 MB 2020.05.02
v0.84d 229 MB 2017.10.10
v0.84c 175 MB 2016.11.09
v0.84b 140 MB 2016.06.24
v0.84a 148 MB 2016.03.19
v0.84 147 MB 2015.08.31


In these versions, all 17 missions were merged into a single, unified engine.
A number of new features were added, as well as many improvements to the player's weapons.

v0.83h 145 MB 2015.05.28
v0.83g 143 MB 2015.03.19
v0.83f 142 MB 2014.09.13
v0.83e 129 MB 2014.07.23
v0.83d 132 MB 2014.06.29
v0.83c 129 MB 2014.05.07
v0.83b 124 MB 2014.04.12
v0.83a 108 MB 2014.02.08
v0.83 113 MB 2013.10.30

v0.81 and v0.82

In these versions, WingBlade and The Skull were made available as player ships, throughout the game.
A completely new menu system was introduced, along with a number of new features, as well as graphical and performance improvements.

v0.82a 107 MB 2013.01.02
v0.82 107 MB 2012.12.06
v0.81 117 MB 2012.03.04

Chapter 3 Development Phase

These are versions where missions 11-15 were added.
A lot of optimisation and internal re-organisation was done, along with a number of graphical improvements.

v0.8 93.8 MB 2011.06.10
v0.79 49.7 MB 2011.02.05
v0.76 46.1 MB 2010.07.25
v0.68 50.4 MB 2010.02.27
v0.64 48.2 MB 2010.01.01

Chapter 2 Development Phase

These are versions where missions 6-10 were added, along with the WingBlade player ship.

v0.6 38.6 MB 2009.09.26
v0.52 31.4 MB 2009.06.19
v0.48 14.3 MB 2009.04.03

Chapter 1 Development Phase

These are versions where missions 2-5 were added, along with the training mission.
A number of major improvements were made to the engine.

v0.4 12.3 MB 2008.11.04
v0.37 12.3 MB 2007.10.28
v0.36 11.9 MB 2007.10.18
v0.34 6.18 MB 2007.03.14
v0.31 5.20 MB 2006.09.20
v0.3 10.0 MB 2006.08.02

Test Versions

These are early prototype versions designed to test the basic gameplay mechanics and features.

v0.2 Beta 7.74 MB 2005.12.06
v0.1 Alpha 6.64 MB 2004.11.24

Versions not listed for download

Recent version downloads have become quite large and so only some past versions of the game are available to download.
This is to streamline the process of backing up the site locally.

Let me know if you'd like a version that isn't available, or any of the game's source, graphics etc. and I'll make sure that you get them.

Click here to browse the releases folder directly.

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