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In 1980, Showa produced two colouring books, two sketchbooks and a notebook; all with impressive cover illustrations.  These are occasionally available over Rinkya.

Notebook (N)
The smaller notebook (roughly A5) features colour illustrations on both the front and back covers.
It contains plain paper with a small illustration of Legtrax on the bottom of each page.
On the back three inside pages, it features the colouring images from pages 1 and 3 of colouring book 'A', as well as a maze puzzle.

All cover illustrations were apparently done by Toshio Okazaki.
One possible exception is colouring book 'A' (with the red logo as opposed to green), which lacks the artist's signature and is done in a slightly different style.

In the case of the larger-than A4 sketchbook, this needed to be scanned in two segments and image-stitched.

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Colouring Book 1
Colouring Book 2
Colouring Book Small 1
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Pencil Case


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