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Here's the last TV-Kun instalment that includes a Star Fleet feature.
You'll not need me to tell you that there's no comic below; only the two-page colour feature.

From the small images on the auction site, I couldn't see that there was a picture of Dai-X hiding on there.
When I couldn't see it, that did make me wonder whether this instalment might feature a concluding segment of the comic, but no colour feature.
In fact, it was the other way on.  
We have a nice colour illustration of the Dai-X escaping the exploding Alliance battlecruiser; as takes place near the end of the TV show.
However, we sadly have no 'rounding-off' of the manga story, which was quite bite-sized and episodic anyway.

Perhaps this is why, what turns out to be the last segment of the comic, in the previous issue was promoted further forward onto the better quality paper in that issue.

In any event, we now know what's in it and what's not, even though the lack of a conclusion to the manga came as a slight surprise.

Scanning Remarks
As you can see from the cover, this particular copy is quite bent and battered, sadly.
However, it's the only one that I've ever seen for sale, over the more-than-a-year period that I've been trying to collect all of these.

Despite that, the inside pages are in better condition; certainly the two Star Fleet pages are quite acceptable (and just needed a bit of manual skewing to take the bend out of one side).


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