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Colour Feature
Page 57 features a striking inside cover with the Dai-X charging towards us and the rarely seen logotype for the Dai-X itself.
Pages 58 and 59 have a double-spread cutaway of the Dai-X. highlighting the assembly mechanisms and some of the armament.
This cutaway has become quite famous and has appeared in various places online.
I scanned the double page illustration three times in six parts each and photomerged them, so as to try and get as much of the image hidden in the spine as possible.
Ultimately, the result was satisfactory with the third attempt.

In this instalment, X-Bomber is having further difficulties with alien space monsters.

X-Bomber's instruments seem to detect the presence of the enemy and Dai-X launches to intercept it.
The Dai-X seems to be taken by surprise while performing its junction sequence as the enemy fires a beam generated from the crescent-like structure above its head.
Dai-X responds with its dual laser and missile launchers.  The creature is able to intercept these and land another strike on Dai-X using its energy beam.

Rather than using x-tracer in the usual way, Dai-X detaches the X-shaped emitter from its helmet and throws it like a shuriken; apparently missing the creature.
However, the spinning mask boomerangs and hits the enemy from behind, destroying it, before re-attaching to Dai-X automatically.

I did see one person on twitter that shared this image, remark that this feature was not accurate to the show, however, it struck me as a very neat idea.
Perhaps Dai-X had it in the show all along, but the ideal usage case for it never presented itself.

Scanning Remarks
This issue was also in good condition.
The quality of the paper in these books is brilliant towards the front, and gets worse and worse until you reach the last 40 pages, which are always printed on thin, pink paper, which is the absolute worst.
The manga in this issue escapes this fate by featuring a bit further towards the front cover than in other issues, and therefore got printed on slightly higher quality, whiter paper.
The contrast of the ink has held up a little better still than in the February issue, and auto-brightness was able to turn out some halfway decent values.


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