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Colour Feature
In the second Televi-Kun feature and manga about X Bomber, we get a proper introduction to Dai-X, with the inside cover giving us the first good look at it.
Meanwhile, the first double-page spread shows the three consituent Dai-X fighters, their launch mechanisms, and how they integrate into X-Bomber; as well as their pilots and how they reach the fighters using X-Bomber's internal tramway.
The following two pages provide an overview of the Dai-X junction; how the Big Dai-X robot assembles from the three fighters, and showing the result.
These two pages are followed by an advert for the transforming DX Dai-X and Gokin X-Bomber.  It also shows the time at which the show was originally broadcast in Japan.

I will say that the artist has a great way of portraying fast action and movement.  The characters and scenes are a lot more dramatic than they are in the show as well.
In this segment, the story partly follows that of the second episode, mixed in with the preview show/pilot or episode 4, where the Dai-X is launched.

The X-Bomber flies off to attack Makara's battlecruiser, but the battlecruiser launches its astrofighter carriers in response.
The X-Bomber uses its neck lasers (in pulse-fire mode, which we do see in the show's episode 5) to mow down a number of carriers.
The surviving carriers launch their fighters, which swarm the X-Bomber, much as they do in episode 2, forcing it to retreat to the lunar surface, rather than crash-land.

General Kyle comes across as a bit more energetic as he remonstrates with Makara over video link.
The damaged X-Bomber launches the Dai-X fighters, which combine into the Dai-X, much to the surprise of Orion.
The Dai-X proceeds to clean house, using its dual pulse cannon on its right arm, then the chest missile launchers, and finally vapourises much of the enemy using the x-tracer, causing the remainder to retreat.

Scanning Remarks
While still not that easy to scan, the second instalment was slightly easier than the first, where the ink had transferred more between the pages.
Again, the ink on the manga pages was very faint and use of auto-tone to increase the contrast took out much of the pink colouration of the paper.
Photoshop also found it easier to photomerge the colour double pages. 
Enabling geometric distortion correction helped a lot, as did creating an intermediate scan down the page join in order to clue the logic in on how to align the layers.


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