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While X Bomber was broadcast in Japan, there were two manga comics, apparently written by Go Nagai, published in two different monthly childrens magazines:

Publication Issues Artist
Monthly Shōnen Jump 1980.06 - 1980-08 Naoki Kamohara
Televi-Kun 1980.11 - 1981-04 Makoto Ono

Initially, I found a photo of the inside cover for the Shōnen Jump manga, which made me wonder what the manga itself looked like. I then started to come across one-or-two scans of individual pages and I set about collecting all instalments, to find out how the story went.

What I like about these manga is that they combine familiar characters, ships and settings, which are presented in a new light, with some interesting new characters and ships.

Twitter users in Japan mentioned commented that the manga weren't accurate to the show. The comic book artists responded that they had no opportunity to watch the show before the manga stories had to be finished. All they had was information about the setting of the show and some publicity images and they had to find their way from there.

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Shonen Jump - 1980-06
Shonen Jump - 1980-07
Shonen Jump - 1980-08

Televi-Kun - 1980-11
Televi-Kun - 1980-12
Televi-Kun - 1981-01
Televi-Kun - 1981-02
Televi-Kun - 1981-03
Televi-Kun - 1981-04


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Character overview by kyano13neo
kyano13neo - Shonen Jump issues
kyano13neo - Titles
Televi-Kun - Dai-X cutaway
Televi-Kun - Dai-X cutaway 14091114
Televi-Kun - Dai-X cutaway by sousai_h
Televi-Kun - Dai-X cutaway by Yaco
Televi-Kun 1981-02 - Masami Watanabe illustration by sousai_h
Televi-kun collection by nami_happy
TK3 by farfa09
TK4 by farfa09

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