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Four Bomber X comic books were released, which re-tell the events of the first four episodes of the TV series.
The contents of these four volumes were re-released as two "albums".
Issue Code Title Release Acquisition
1 78093 Invasion 1983.11 2020.02.29
2 78094 Ultimatum 1984.01 2020.03.20
3 78095 Force One 1984.03 2020.03.20
4 78096 A l'Attaque du Convoi 1984.05 2020.07.17
78097 Album 1 2020.03.20
78098 Album 2 2020.10.23 (Rakuten)
The four original books contain roughly 48 pages each; 21x28cm, and were published in 1983-1984 by Greantori.
The two albums contain around 100 pages, as you'd expect.

As you can see, the illustrations feature heavily a type of Alliance ship, never seen in the series; a magenta wedge-shaped bomber with 6 forward-firing lasers.
As shown in the below photographs, kindly provided by Matsukami, the Alliance Battlecruiser is kept the same; but shown mostly as a silhouette, while the astrofighter carriers are changed substantially. 
These re-imagined carriers can deploy 8 of the above magenta craft, which replace the Alliance astrofighters from the show altogether.

Project Status:		Complete
I had a bit of trouble getting the later editions, as well as the Album 2 compilation.
In the end though, I found all 6 publications, partly through eBay and the rest through Rakuten.
By getting my hands on some, I was able to clear up a few questions that I had about these comics.

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1 - Invasion
2 - Ultimatum
3 - Force One
4 - A l'Attaque du Convoi
Album 1
Album 2
Bomber X
Matsukami - 1 Astrofighter Carriers
Matsukami - 2 Termoids
Matsukami - 3 Battlecruiser
Matsukami - Album 1 and vol 4 covers

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