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I hadn't seen these first three exact photos of Dai-X before I found them on Japanese twitter.
Apparently, these photocards came with a Japanese magazine, published around when the show was made, although, I haven't been able to find out which one.

The second set of images are three Star Fleet-related photos that I got over Rinkya, in 2019/2020.
There was no real description on the listing and the photos are printed on just generic branded photo paper.
What I find interesting about them, seeing them up-close, is that, particularly in the two photos of the crew on the X-Bomber bridge, they have a very shallow depth of field.
The bits that are in-focus are sharp but lots of the subjects are blurred; as though they were taken at high shutter speed with the aperture wide open.
It makes me think that these weren't publicity photos, but were taken at the same time by someone in the production crew.

I scanned them in a couple of passes and used photomerge to maximise the capture area and try to minimise the effects of any dust etc on the scanner plate.


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Dai-X Photocard 1 by PachimonMA
Dai-X Photocard 2 by PachimonMA
Dai-X Photocard 3 by PachimonMA
Photo - Bridge 1 (Auto-C)
Photo - Bridge 1
Photo - Bridge 2 (Auto-C)
Photo - Bridge 2
Photo - Dai-X

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