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The full name of this publication is ...
	Official File Magazine Special Effects Hero BEST Magazine VOL.5 
	(Kodansha Official File Magazine).

... Wow.  It was published on 2005.11.25 and contains a surprising amount of full-colour Star Fleet material.

The publication also includes a fair bit on the live action series; Message from Space, which I've included here as well, because many people say that Star Fleet drew a lot of inspiration from that show.
This is probably why the publishers covered both series in the same instalment.

Other productions covered in this 35-page instalment are: the dubious-looking Captain Ultra, The War in Space, Star Wolf, plus one or two other weird-looking things.

The magazine is actually quite big; a tiny bit bigger than the glass of my scanner, so I used a fair bit of photomerge to get as edge-to-edge as possible, but you still might see a little bit of loss at the top of the page, but to get around that, I would've had to have doubled the number of individual scans involved.

The only way that I found out that this magazine had a feature on Star Fleet was that, around the 40th Anniversary of the show airing on Japanese TV, someone listed one on FromJapan, mentioning "X Bomber" as one of the keywords.
Naturally, this copy was snatched up for a ridiculous top bid, but knowing the title of the publication, I was able to get a better one for much less about a few weeks later, that didn't have that keyword mentioned in its description.


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