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Issue 143 of B-CLUB magazine from 1997 has its main feature on the work of Go Nagai.
There isn't much discussion of Star Fleet (if any) and there are no photos or other images, relating to that specific show, within the article itself.
However, the inside cover page, leading onto the article, features a large image of Dai-X, rendered in CGI.
It looks pretty good, especially considering it was done in the 90s.

Even though the magazine was lacking in Star Fleet-related material, apart from the image shown, the magazine was very heavily illustrated in general with pictures of all kinds of amazing hardware and vehicles from Japanese TV shows; some of which were familiar, but many that I'd never even heard of before.

The inside image took quite a bit of scanning to try and get the whole thing captured, and the finished output is a photomerge of 7 individual scans.
The image is very dark on the page; meaning that I had to use Photoshop's auto brightness/contrast option to try and make the image show up better.
That outcome still looked a bit dark, so I ran that option a few more times to get the brightness even higher.


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B-Club 143 (1997) cover
B-Club 143 - Dai-X 3D - Auto B plus
B-Club 143 - Dai-X 3D
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