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Thunder in Paradise is Knight Rider but with a boat. It's fun, light-hearted and awesome and has brilliant music.
It stars Hulk Hogan as Randolph J. "Hurricane" Spencer and Chris Lemmon as Martin "Bru" Brubaker.
The real star of the show though, is the boat.

Availability on DVD

You can find the three compilation movies on DVD, while the whole 22-episode series was only released on DVD in German.
The German DVDs are transfers from a VHS source and have only German-language audio and no subtitles.

The whole series is unofficially available in English on DVD, recorded from its original TV airing in 1994 from reliablemediastore: Thunder in Paradise Complete Series

If you go after the non-official discs, I recommend backing up the DVD contents to hard disk. I bought my original set of DVDs over a website called ioffer but, after some time, the discs went unreadable.

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Reliable Media - Disc 1
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Reliable Media - Disc 5

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