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Firestorm has some quite catchy opening and closing credits music.

The first CD; available in regular and limited edition releases, contains the opening and closing themes, by The NaB's.
The second CD, by Takui contains the second opening credits theme, which accompanies a revamped and more impressive into sequence, used in the later half of the series, plus an unremarkable second track which doesn't appear in the show.

In any event, the CD jackets had some nice images of the vehicles from the show. 
I also have a large poster, which is a promotional item for the first CD, and quite similar to the graphic on the regular Stormy Love CD jacket, that shows all 5 principal vehicles from the show in different orthographic views.
It's quite striking and I have it hanging in my office.  I'll have to try and photograph it properly and upload an image of it here.

Video and Audio 3

1-1 - NaBs - Stormy Love
MP3 Audio; 9.2 MB
1-2 - NaBs - The Earth with You
MP3 Audio; 8.6 MB
2-1 - Takui - Re-Set
MP3 Audio; 9.2 MB


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NaBs - Stormy Love (Limited) - Inlay
NaBs - Stormy Love (Limited) - Inlay Back
NaBs - Stormy Love (Limited) - Jacket
NaBs - Stormy Love (Regular) - Inlay
NaBs - Stormy Love (Regular) - Inlay Back
NaBs - Stormy Love (Regular) - Jacket
Takui - Re-Set - Insert
Takui - Re-Set - Insert back
Takui - Re-Set - Jacket


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