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Thanks to Danielle and Dave for getting me a sealed, boxed copy of this 2005 game in 2019...

This was a fascinating game to play.  The visuals were unique to say the least.  The gameplay was fast and fluid and the game served up some excellent weapons and equipment to use on the enemy.
On top of that, you were able to find out how the story, that began in MADia's previous game; Echelon, and continued in Echelon: Wind Warriors, concluded.

Shortly after the game was released, the studio closed. 
The below 3rd party patch is available that corrects a lot of the issues with the game:
	Unofficial Music, Sound & Re-Localization Patch
The music that the above patch adds to the game; originally from an indie game called Shadowgrounds, is excellent.
If the game had been polished a little more; given better English-language localisation, it would have been a cracker.

There is also an enhancement mod that improves some of the game's lighting, textures and bump maps. 
It is still available on Mod DB:
	Operation: Matriarchy Enhancement Add-on Mod
I had a second playthrough with this mod applied. You can compare the screenshots from the original and modded game below.

There is also an alternative soundtrack.  This requires the Devisraad patch to be installed.
	WK Duffy alternative soundtrack
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